Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Jackson at 8 Months


Here we are at 8 months!  I cannot believe we're closing in on a year.  You're becoming a little person before our eyes.

Here's what's going on at 8 months old!


You are now at 23.3 pounds, just up a little bit from last month. That puts you in the 97th percentile.


From what I can tell (which wasn't much), you're around 29" right now. You're in the 91st percentile for height this month!

Clothing Size:

Perfectly in 12 month clothes now.  I packed up the last of the 9 month clothes just about a week ago.  I'm hoping you stay in those through at least Christmas, but not sure we'll be able to make it!


Very much in size 3 diapers!  Overnights are a must since you're sleeping in longer stretches now.  During the day, you probably go through about 5.


You are still a huge sweets eater!  I have to mix some kind of sweet fruit into your food pretty much every time you eat now.  You will force your mouth shut if I try to feed you something without fruit in it.

So far, you've had...

Fruits: bananas, plums, pears, cantaloupe, and apples.

Veggies: green beans, peas, sweet potatoes, avocados, zucchini, and carrots.

And we tried chicken once, but you gagged like I was feeding you mud when we did that. So not a meat eater yet.

Still nursing the majority of your feedings.  We've started introducing a formula bottle for your dream feed each night (around 10-11) stay asleep much longer at night if we do that rather than nurse! But, depending on the night, sometimes I just nurse you at that one too.


Still got those pretty big brown eyes!

And absolutely no progress in the hair department...I think you might be losing some still.  You've got a teeny tiny bit of brown hair, but nothing at all to really report.


Considering we're still in the middle of teething, not too bad!  You're finally (FINALLY.) starting to sleep in longer stretches at night.  You probably average 5-6 hours of continuous sleep at night (from around 10-11 to around 4-5).  Some nights you're still waking up around 2 for a feeding, but those are not nearly as common now.

You still take 2 solid naps a day (one in the morning and one in the early afternoon).  Most days I can get a little cat nap in around dinnertime too.

Fun Stuff:

You have 4 teeth!  Two on bottom and two on top.  And there are 2 more top teeth that should be in any day now!  After that, I'm hoping we both get a little break from teething for awhile.

You love to show off those little teeth!  You've got the cutest little toothy/gummy grin right now.

You're getting close to crawling.  You're great at pushing up on your hands, but can't quite get those knees under you yet.  But you're awesome at scooting and pulling yourself towards something if you want it. (You just hate being on your belly for more than a couple of minutes).

You're doing a great job sitting on your own!  I usually sit behind you because I'm paranoid, but you could do a few minutes on your own at a time if I wasn't there.

If there is something in front of you, you're going to grab it and put it in your mouth.  Your favorite things are remotes, Mommy's phone, and cords.

We might have an early talker!  You say "Mama" when somebody says it to you (not 100% convinced you know that's me yet though), and you've said "Bye Bye" a few times.

You can wave your hand at someone when they wave to you, and you try to hit your hands together when somebody tells you to "Pat a Cake."

You're getting kind of rough!  You love for someone to flip you upside down, and if somebody tickles you you'll just laugh and laugh.

(On that note...) Somehow (parents of the year: we have no clue how), you got a huge bruise on your head this weekend.  We know you didn't have it when you came home from church, but sometime between laying you down for your nap after church and getting you out of your bed, you got it.  We didn't hear you cry at all!

When you get excited, you're hands start shaking and grabbing!  You know when it's time to eat or somebody's about to pick you up.

You still love to be held.  You've started a little bit of fussing when I put you down (pretty much every time), but if I ignore it you'll stop after a few seconds.

We're getting closer and closer to a year, buddy!  We can't imagine life without you.  You're just the sweetest guy!

Here's a little progression picture...

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