Thursday, October 20, 2016

How I'm Organizing Gift Supplies

I've never been the most "with it" mom when it comes to gift wrap organization.  I have a big box of all of my paper, ribbon, etc., so at least it's all in one place in our home...but that's about it.  I swoon over all of the pretty gift wrap organization on Pinterest and would love to have a section of our house dedicated to organizing all of it in the new house!

I know we're going to have a wall in our office that should be mostly blank...I already have a few plans for that wall.

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I love this idea for organizing all of the bags that seem to accumulate.  Mail organizers are so easy to find (I'm thinking something like this one) and take up next to no space!

I would absolutely love to have a peg board on this wall...I think it would be so functional for storing lots of different things!  I'm dreaming of having a few horizontal bars to store wrapping paper rolls.

Something like this is exactly what I'm thinking for wrapping paper!

I have an absolute ton of ribbon (including the tulle I use for this gift wrap method) that is currently stuffed in the drawer of one of my storage drawers.  I'd love to organize it sort of how Abby has.

And I feel like this would be an incredibly easy, inexpensive way to organize the rest of my supplies!

I took a little step towards being organized in the gift wrap department this weekend.  Too many times, I've been guilty of not having a gift tag as we're rushing out the door to a birthday party.  I might or might not have quickly cut a piece of scrapbook paper as a tag for a few presents.  But, I had a few minutes to actually make some tags before a birthday party this past weekend, so I went on and printed a few tags to keep in our gift wrap box.  I thought I'd share the printable with you guys!

The printable tags I've linked here don't have Emmie on them...I thought a few more people could get use out of the printable if I took that out. :) But if you happen to have an Emmie, email me and I'll be glad to send you that version!

You can click here to download the free printable version, or click the image below!

Happy organizing, friends! :)