Friday, September 16, 2016

Jackson at 7 Months

Jackson Lee,

You're SEVEN months old!  It's been a big month for you.  You've tried a few new things, went to a completely different country, and started really eating a lot of different foods!  This age is such a fun combination of sweet baby-ness and your cute little personality.

Here's what you're up to at 7 months!


You were an even 23 pounds as of this morning.  That's in the 98th percentile!


You're 28.5" tall now.  That puts you right at the 90th percentile for height.

Clothing Size:

We're still using a lot of 9 months but it's just because I haven't had a chance to change them out yet.  You could very easily fit in 12 months now!  Shorts and pants in 9 month clothes fit fine, but shirts and rompers aren't even close at this point.


Size 3's all the way!  You're going through maybe 5-6 a day now and wearing overnight size 3's at night.


We really got into fruits and veggies this month!  So far, you've had bananas, avocados, pears, apples, sweet potatoes, carrots, and plums.  You are a huge fan of fruits...the sweeter the better!  (If you don't believe me, reference the face full of plums and sweet potatoes from lunch yesterday.)

I've also tried just a little bit of "whole" fruits and veggies (i.e. baby led weaning).  It's definitely not our primary way to feed you, and we really just did it out of necessity the couple of times we've tried it.  You've had chunks of avocado when we had it at dinner one night this week and we gave you a piece of banana to chew on last week.  You did great both times and loved playing with it! :)

Still nursing the huge majority of the time (and doing great with it!).  I never thought I'd enjoy nursing as much as I have this time around.  We did take formula on vacation last week and you did just fine with it, but that was only a few bottles.  And we randomly tried a formula bottle for your 11pm feeding last night and you slept for SIX straight hours afterward...that is huge for you!  So I do believe we're going to start doing that for your late night feeding from now on. :)


Big brown eyes!  We get a ton of comments on them from strangers.

And a teeny, tiny little bit of brown hair. I think you're going to be bald until 2 years old like your sister was.


Oh buddy, we've got to have a talk in this department. :) You're a really good napper during the day...unless you're teething, you sleep an hour and a half to two hours twice a day (with a 30 minute cat nap in the evening).  But the night...oh the night.  You usually go to bed around 7 and you're up sometime between 10-11.  If I'm lucky I can put you back to bed and go to sleep myself until about 2, when you're up again.  You eat then and again around 5.

The doctor very lovingly suggested doing a little sleep training at our last appointment after hearing this schedule. :) And I's time.  Mama misses sleep.

Fun Stuff:

You're starting to show some interest in crawling!  You push up on your arms and are just now starting to get your knees underneath you.

Teething is upon us.  It's really not bad in the whole teething spectrum, but whew...I don't think teething is ever easy.  You have a little tooth peeking out on the bottom.  There is currently one tooth coming in on the bottom and four (yes, FOUR) teeth coming in up top.  Needless to say, your mood hasn't been fabulous for the past week.

You've developed a little bit of a reputation as a momma's boy. :) If I'm in the room or in sight, you're going to whine for me to pick you up (which you apparently don't do at all when I'm not there).  You'll reach out for me if somebody else is holding you.  (And I secretly kind of love being your favorite for now.  Who knows when it might change!)

You are super ticklish under your neck and on your belly!

You love, absolutely adore when I take your arms out of your shirt when we're changing clothes.  You laugh hysterically every time.

If I tell you to give me "sweet love," you'll lay your head down on my shoulder.  It's so cute!

You absolutely adore your sister.  And she is equally as obsessed with you.

You can shake your head when we say "no, no, no" to you.

You traveled out of the country for the first time this month!  You actually turned 7 months in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico, and we visited Cozumel the next day. (More on that next week.)

You definitely show your excitement through your hands!  Every time you're about to get something you want (usually food), your hands start shaking and moving uncontrollably.

Here's a little progression shot of your previous 7 months...

...and a little comparison shot of you and Sissie at this age!  (Here's her 7 month post.)  Sometimes I don't think you guys look alike at all, but sometimes I'll see a picture of her at your age and you look identical.  Genetics are weird.

Happy 7 months, Bobo!!