Monday, August 29, 2016

The Teacher Survival Kit

It's that time of the year again!  Moms and dads everywhere are in search of the perfect little teacher treat for the first day of school.  And in my experience, there are two kinds of teacher presents.

The first kind of present includes things a teacher might want.  Of course this varies, but I've never known a teacher to turn down something they can use to pamper themselves a little.  A nice restaurant gift card, a pedicure certificate, or a fancy lotion are always appreciated.

But, on the other side, teachers love receiving things they need.  And oh do they needs things for the first few weeks of school. :) There's no question that it's the most difficult time of the year in teacher world.  Educators are often running in survival mode for a good chunk of August and September. So, why not make them a little Survival Kit as a beginning-of-the-year present?

This little basket is filled with things that teachers everywhere rely on for the first few weeks of school.  The things in this gift can make that transition into a new school year just a little bit easier.  And, if you feel the need to get a little crafty with your back to school present, this satisfies that need too...all of these survival items are packed in a pretty little crate decorated by your favorite student!

This kit contains...
  1. ...a container for an easy, quick lunch (this particular container is for a includes a fork and a dressing holder).
  2. ...granola/protein bars for those times the teacher won't have time for a lunch break (which happens all too often).
  3. ...lip balm, for when they've been talking for hours.
  4. ...oil blotting sheets/face wipes.
  5. ...a coffee shop gift card.  No explanation needed. :)
  6. ...a pretty coffee cup to hold that precious coffee.
  7. ...lotion for hands that get so dry from using hand sanitizer 50 times a day.
  8. ...tissues for quick makeup clean-ups.
  9. ...nice grading pens (these are worth their weight in gold in the teacher world).
  10. ...Vitamin C.  Because the beginning of school epidemic is real.
  11. ...and on that note, Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes.  Because kid germs are absolutely everywhere, and in turn, classroom surfaces need to be wiped down basically every day.

These little guys were an absolute must when I was an elementary school teacher.  They were one of my favorite items in the classroom...they made for easy art supply clean-ups and quick desk cleaning and disinfection.  That love of Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes has spilled over into my life as a homemaker.  I use these constantly in my kitchen and playroom.  They are perfect for little spills and easy clean up of the yuckiest things you can imagine in the kitchen.  They easily kill bacteria and germs, including cold and flu viruses.

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