Friday, August 12, 2016

Jackson at 6 Months


You're SIX months old!  Already a half year!  I am sure that the past 6 months has been the fastest (and best) of my life.  I finally feel like our family is were the part that was missing!

Here's what you're up to at 6 months old.


You're weighing in at 21.5 pounds this month.  That puts you in the 97th percentile for your age!


Ok, either I'm the worst infant measurer in the world or you're not getting taller.  You still measure in at about 27.25", which puts you in the 77th percentile.  I think I just stink at measuring you though...we'll see at your doctor's appointment next week!

Clothing Size:

Those 9 month clothes are starting to get a little snug!  We might be able to get another month out of them, but the 12 month clothes are coming on quickly.  Just like your sister and your daddy, you have a long torso, so shirts are always an issue...but shorts usually fit pretty well in the 6-9 month range!


Very much in the size 3's now.  I have a feeling we'll be there for quite awhile.  You go through probably 4-5 during the day.


We started a couple of solids this month!  On a whim, we tried a little bit of avocado at a restaurant one night.  You were much more interested in the spoon than the food.

Mommy and Sister made a big batch of sweet potatoes and apples this past weekend, and we've been trying sweet potatoes this week.  This picture pretty much sums up your opinion of it. :) You don't quite know what to do with the food yet, but you're getting there.  I think you actually swallowed some tonight!  But for now, much more of it is ending up on the bib than in your belly.


I think your hair is a little darker this month! I can actually see a little bit of brown.  And your eyes are definitely brown, but still have a teeny bit of blue in them in the right light.


Not too bad, but it has definitely regressed a little. You have become a really good napper during the day.  You usually take one in the mid-morning (anywhere from an hour to two hours), one in the early afternoon (usually a little over an hour), and a catnap in the late afternoon (about 30 minutes).  You go to sleep at around 7 and usually wake up for a feeding around 10-11.  If we have a good night, you'll go back to sleep until 2-3 and again until 5-6.  But of course you have your bad nights too!

Hopefully you'll be sleeping in your crib by the time I write the 7 month post, but you're still in the pack and play in our room as of right now.  It's just so much easier since you're breastfeeding!  But my mission for the next couple of months is to get the storage room...I mean nursery cleaned out.

Fun Stuff:

You are rolling all over the place now!  You can get from belly to back if you get frustrated with being on your belly.

You can sit up by yourself for a minute or two!

You are SO smiley, especially first thing in the morning.  You are definitely a morning person.  And when you smile you do it with your whole face!  If you're especially tickled, you'll stick your tongue out (which might just be the cutest thing ever).

You've started to notice Hardy.  If he walks in the room or comes near you, you'll almost always stare at him.

You're definitely noticing your hands.  If they happen to be in your line of vision, you stare and try to move them.  And if we put something in front of you, you almost always grab at it to put in your mouth.

You are ticklish around your neck.  And you love changing clothes - you always giggle when your feet get near your head or we're taking your arms out of your outfit.

You definitely prefer standing.  We usually stand you in our laps when we're holding you, and you can hold onto something and stand for a few seconds at a time.

You love your Daddy so, so much!  If he comes in the room he almost always has your attention.

Here's what you look like compared to sister at this age..

And here's your progression shot!

You're becoming a little boy a little bit more every day!  Time, slow down a little.  I'm loving every second of this baby stage!

Happy half birthday, Bobo!  We all love you so much!