Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Jackson at 5 Months

Jackson Lee,

You're FIVE months old!  Time is flying!  We are well on our way to half a year and I absolutely cannot tell you how much we love watching you grow each day.  You've become such a sweet, fun little boy and every day with you is a complete joy!

Here's what you're up to at 5 months old.


On Friday you weighed in at 20 pounds even and you were 19.6 pounds on Saturday when I weighed you...so we'll call it 19.8 pounds this month.  That puts you in the 95th percentile!


Maybe I measured wrong last month, but I'm measuring you at 27" inches...same as you were at 4 months.  That's still in the 90th percentile!  (You're growing the opposite of how your sister was at this age...she was getting skinnier and taller.  You're getting some pretty delicious rolls, I must say!)

Clothing Size:

Very much in 9 month clothes.  I packed up the 6 months a couple of weeks ago! (Although, you're honestly not wearing clothes very much these days.  We keep you in just a diaper most of the day because of a horrible heat rash you've had on your chest.  Most days, you only wear clothes when you're in pajamas at night!)


We (finally) used up the last of the size 2's a few days ago!  You are in size 3's full-time now.  Hopefully we'll stay that way for awhile!


Still no real schedule...you eat (about) every 3 hours during the day, with a short nursing session in between those feedings just to get you to nap.  You were only eating once in the middle of the night, but you just started waking up for another feeding a week or two ago.  I'm going to need you to fix that. ;)

I am so excited that we've made it this far being able to nurse 100%!  We were supplementing Emmie with formula by this point, and I was pumping full-time...no fun.  Let me just say that exclusively nursing is SO much easier than using formula or pumping.  And no plans to stop breastfeeding anytime soon.

No solid foods yet, but I think we might start trying things in the next month or two!


Those eyes are very brown now! And I think your hair might actually stay brown too (even though most of it has fallen out since you were born).  When I compare pictures of you and Emmie when she was your age, your features look so much darker than her's were.

You've had a pretty bad case of cradle cap up until now, but I think we might have finally beaten it!


Not terrible!  You usually take 3 naps during the day, ranging from an hour to 1.5 hours.  We've been putting you to sleep at around 7 each night, but I might try to push that back a little soon (your new middle of the night feeding started when I made your bedtime earlier, so I think that might be the problem).

You're going to sleep so much easier than you were even a month ago!  We went through a phase where you fought sleep, but now I can put your in your crib and let you go to sleep on your own (with very little crying).  Still sleeping in the pack and play in our room, but Mommy's working on cleaning out your nursery so you can start sleeping in your crib soon.

Fun Stuff:

You are rolling all over the place!  You can roll back to belly and belly to back now.  You still get a little frustrated when you roll onto your tummy and can't get back over, but you're doing better about figuring it out on your own.

You love standing.  As long as we're supporting you, you stand on your own for a few minutes at a time.  I think you might actually prefer it to sitting!  And you love playing in your Exersaucer now too.

I think you're getting close to sitting by yourself.  You can pretty much support yourself when you sit in our laps now.

You absolutely love being sang to.  Your favorite songs are "You Are My Sunshine" and "Skinnamarink."

We are definitely teething around here.  You chew on things and drool constantly.  Daddy actually thought he felt a tooth when you were chewing on his hand yesterday morning!

You love your sister!  You always smile when she comes in the room.

You've got a ticklish spot on your neck.  You will just giggle and giggle if we get you there!  You also love for Mommy to talk about your stinky feet (I always get a smile from that one) and to get raspberries on your tummy.

You had your first night away from Mommy and Daddy the past weekend!  You did alright, but I think we're both pretty happy to be back together. :)

You absolutely love being outside.  If you have a fussy moment, I always know I can take you for a walk in the backyard to calm you down.

Because I love a good progression shot...

And here's what you look like compared to Sister at 5 months!

I call you my angel boy because you are just so incredibly sweet and snuggly!  I don't know what we did without you, Bobo.  Happy 5 months, sweet guy!