Friday, July 1, 2016

Favorite Baby Products (Round Two) - First Four Months

When Emmie was a baby, I would do a round-up of favorite baby products every few months.  I heard from so many readers that they were helpful suggestions for them, and I actually ended up going back and referencing those posts when we were getting ready for Jackson!  So I thought I'd bring back that little series for the second time around.

If you missed my favorite baby items posts with Emmie, click the links below to see!

Below, I've listed products that we used and loved for our second baby!

This veteran mom lists out her must have baby products! This list is for a newborn, but she has links to her best items for several different age groups.

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1. Rock and Play - This is one I really had no idea that I needed until I bought it!  Everybody and their mother recommended this to me, but I just didn't think we needed one more baby item in the house. After Jackson refused to let me put him down for a few days, I finally caved and tried it...and much to my surprise, he sat (and even slept) peacefully in it pretty much every time we used it!

It's wonderful if you have a baby that loves to be held.  It's a deeper cradle that has legs to allow for gently rocking the baby.  They even sell an auto rocker version, but we don't have that one.  Just trust me...this is a must have!

2. Ergobaby 360/Baby Bjorn Original - I go back and forth between which one of these I like more.  Like I mentioned, Jackson's a snuggler...which is tough when you have another child that requires attention too.  I needed a way to hold him and still have the ability to do things around the house & with Emmie.

Both carriers have their pros and cons.  We had the Baby Bjorn with Emmie, but she hated to be held, so we rarely used it with her.  I saved it for the second baby though, and we used it a ton at first.  However, I noticed my back was hurting a good bit when I used it, and after a little research, I discovered that the model I have can actually case hip issues in babies (plus it's uncomfortable for him).  So, we bought the Ergobaby360 to use in it's place.  I still use the Baby Bjorn some around the house, mostly because it's so much easier to put on by myself.  Jackson seems to like it more for short periods too.  I mostly just use it for short spurts (no more than 10-15 minutes).  If we're going to be out of the house or I'm using a carrier for longer, I go with the Ergo.  I don't notice the back issues with the Ergo and Jackson will actually fall asleep in it (as opposed to the Bjorn, where he's typically pretty active).

3. Ma'am Pacifiers - I always tell new moms to register for a few different kinds of pacifiers (maybe a pack of each), because you never know which ones a baby will take to.  Jackson ended up loving these!  He's been able to use them and breastfeed with no issues.  Plus they're just so darn cute. :) Definitely our favorite this time!

4. Swaddleme Sleeper - This absolutely saved our sanity for the first couple of months!  Jackson absolutely would not sleep anywhere but in our arms when he first came home from the hospital.  I wanted a way he could be in the bed with us that was safe.  The Swaddleme Sleeper was the perfect solution!  It's a metal-framed "nest" that you can put in between you and your partner for the baby...think of it as a mini crib within your bed.  We were actually able to sleep with him in the bed and not worry about safety.  Worth every penny!

5. SwaddleMe Blankets - Another great product from Swaddleme...we used these with both Emmie and Jackson, and they are wonderful.  I have never really been able to get a swaddle super tight, and both of my babies liked to be really tightly wrapped when they were put to bed. These blankets have a velcro closure that allows you to get their swaddle super snug!  We just stopped using these a few weeks ago.

6. Infantino Twist and Fold Activity Mat - This is another product that both Emmie and Jackson absolutely loved.  It's a great place to do tummy time or set the baby down for a few minutes if needed.

7. Boppy Pillow - If you're nursing, I consider this a must-have (especially for the first month or so)!  I used this when nursing Jackson and when holding him...I had a c-section, and this kind of blocked my incision.  It's great!

Alright mommies, what am I leaving out? Leave your best baby products in the comments!