Friday, May 27, 2016

Ultimate Planning Notebook Add-On: To Do List (& A Book Update!)

I thought I'd end the week by adding a page to the Ultimate Planning Notebook!

I love my to do list...ok, love might be a little bit of an understatement.  I'm slightly obsessed with it.  For years, I used a paper to do list like this one and checked off items as I accomplished them.  There's such a satisfying feeling that comes with marking through a to do list item!  And I'm pretty confident that I would just sit and stare at a wall if I didn't have a to do list to focus me.  It's seriously my key to productivity each day.

But...many long-time readers know my dirty little secret.  I love designing and sharing printables with you guys, but I have officially converted to a paperless kind of girl in the past year or two.  I rarely use a printable anymore - instead, I use this method to organize my time now!  Kind of ironic that a girl that's writing an eBook full of printables doesn't use printables, right? :)

And speaking of the eBook - it's coming right along!  The biggest news is that the name changed just slightly.  It will now be Journey to Clean! (Pro tip: do a thorough Google search before naming a book.  I discovered last week that a huge company had a product named Everyday Clean, and I wasn't looking for any kind of legal battle! So, we changed it up.)

The cover art makes it feel so real!  We're in the final draft stages this week, and I'm hoping to have all of the legal mumbo jumbo and website set up next week.  The book officially goes on sale June 14th!  I'll have some more information about everything you'll need to know in the next few weeks.  (If you aren't subscribed to the newsletter, you might want to check it out...I have a book discount code coming to the subscribers right before the book launch!)

Happy Memorial Day weekend, guys!

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