Friday, May 13, 2016

Life Lately

We've had a fun few weeks!  It's so nice to kind of be out and about again...after feeling like I was trapped in a cave for a few months, any activity is good activity, you know?

How about a good old fashioned photo dump to sum up the last month?  (I feel like I post less and less personal posts over here, but if you follow along on Instagram, I post lots of our day to day pictures over there!)

We started off April with a little bit of April Fool's fun!  Emmie got a huge kick out of the old frozen cereal trick.

We also had two great check-ups for these little love bugs.  Both are totally healthy, still on the upper end of their growth percentiles, and the smaller one took his shots like a champ!

Jackson went to church the Sunday after he had his first set of shots.  He liked it more than this picture conveys, I promise. (How funny is Emmie's face in this one?)

We've had a ton of outside fun over the past few weeks!  The weather has been absolutely gorgeous, so we're having a great time taking care of our garden (Emmie is great about remembering to water it, not so much), blowing bubbles, and playing in the water.

Emmie has developed a little bit of a love of photography.  She constantly asks for my phone to take pictures, and I find her creations all the time in my photo history.  This is just one example of many, many (many) sets of pictures I've found over the past month or two.

We had cousins in town a few weeks ago!  Emmie and Jackson loved getting to play for a few days.

Somebody had her last day of school last week!  We've loved this year so much...nobody tells you this, but one of the coolest things ever is to watch your own child learn.

Just to compare, first day of school vs. last day of school.  She looks like such a baby compared to the picture taken now.

And speaking of baby...last year's first and last pictures. #MakeHerStopGrowing

The night of Emmie's last day, she had a performance at school!  This is her biggest fan cheering her on in the audience.

My girl...thankfully she hasn't developed my stage fright yet!

Since she wasn't in school for Mother's or Father's Day, we got our "gifts" from school a little early.  I'll say one thing - "She likes to eat food?" The girl knows her Momma.

(And apparently I'm quite the cradle robber.)

This weekend, we headed to Tuscaloosa for Jackson's first out of town trip!  My brother graduated from Alabama on Friday, and we got to celebrate Mother's Day with my mom Sunday.

I mean really.  The cutest.

Can we just talk about how much Alabama has grown for a second?  This is one of three graduation ceremonies they had that weekend...when I was there (less than 10 years ago), maybe half of that crowd graduated at a time and there were only two ceremonies.  It's insane!

We also got to see some Tuscaloosa friends!  We had a playdate with my best friend from high school and her daughter.  She and Emmie are only about a month apart in age!

We also got to see some of our favorite people...Harrison is Noah's big brother in his fraternity.  He and his family (his mom is on the right) have become some of our closest friends! They love our babies and our babies love them (just ask Emmie about Uncle Harry, she'll tell you all about him).

And one more shot of my babies in their mis-matched PJ's and bed head...they already love each other SO much.  I can't tell you how much I love watching them together!

***I have a big announcement coming Monday morning...I can't wait to share a huge project with you guys!***