Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Jackson at 3 Months

Jackson Lee,

You are three months old!  I am just loving each little stage you enter.  Do I miss that teeny tiny baby I brought home a few months ago?  A little.  But man, getting to see you grow into a little person is so much fun too.

Here's what you're doing at 3 months!


As of yesterday, you are 16.4 pounds...that's in the 93rd percentile for your age!  You're staying right on your growth curve so far.


As best as I can tell (which isn't perfect by any means), you're 25.5 inches long now.  That's in the 95th percentile!

Clothing Size

Perfectly in 6 month clothes now...they may even be getting slightly snug.  You are wearing rompers and sleepers most of the time now, but it's getting warm enough around here to bust out the onesies!


Size 2 diapers are perfect for daytime, but I think we might move to size 3 for nighttime soon.  You're going through slightly less this month, maybe 5ish a day.


I think you eat more often than you did when you were 2 months old? I don't know how that's possible.  I'm probably feeding you at least every 2 hours during the day now...one big feeding as soon as you wake up each time and one smaller one right before I put you down for a nap each time.  I'd estimate you eat 6-7 times during the day, but only once in the middle of the night now!

And it's worth mentioning that nursing is going amazingly, better-than-I-ever-thought-it-would-be well.  After a not so great experience with Emma Ramey, I don't take it for granted for a second that I get to nurse you!  You took to it pretty much immediately and we really haven't had any trouble.


Your hair is still pretty dark!  I can't decide if it's going to fade like Sister's did.  Still rocking the old man horseshoe hair style, and you've got that big patch of hair missing on the back of your head from laying down.  And you've got a little bit of cradle cap up top (as of the past few days)...hopefully we can get that under control soon.

And those eyes...I just can't figure them out.  One day they will look so brown and one day they will have a grayish/blue tint.  I really think they'll ultimately turn brown, but they kind of have a mood of their own lately!


I really can't complain.  You usually take 1-2 good naps a day (one mid-morning, one around 1-2 in the afternoon) and then kind of cat nap in the evenings.  We almost always have to hold or wear you during dinner, but you will sleep off and on.  You're usually down by 8-9 at night and sleep until at least 2-4 in the morning...not a bad sleep stretch for a 3 month old!

Fun Stuff

You went on your first out of town trip this weekend!  We went to Tuscaloosa for Mother's Day/Uncle Alex's graduation. (More on that later this week.)

You are SO smiley lately!  You smile with your whole face...I absolutely love it.  Whenever you see a familiar face you almost always smile.

You are warming up to your activity mat.  I can lay you on it for 5-10 minute stretches now (thank the Lord!).  You're starting to grab at the toys on it!

In true second child fashion, I'm just now really starting to push tummy time with you.  You really don't mind it and you're very good at holding your head up already!  No rolling yet, but I honestly don't put you on your tummy enough to see if you can do it.

You are still just so cuddly. You don't go to sleep without nursing and cuddling with me (and I'm not mad about it).  I usually have to nap with you in the afternoons to get you to go down...again, not mad about it.

You love being naked. :) You start smiling every time I start to change your clothes.  I think I could just let you sit around in a diaper all day!

Alternatively, you're a huge fan of the swaddle.  I think you know it means you're about to eat and go to sleep, but you'll smile as soon as I start wrapping you up.

You are a big paci user!  I wasn't too sure if you'd take to it, but it's pretty much a requirement for you now.

Still such a morning person.  By far, your best mood all day is when you first really wake up in the morning.  You always give us the biggest smiles and talk to us for a few minutes!

Happy 3 months, sweet boy!

(You can see Jackson's 1 month post here and 2 month post here.  And, for a good comparison, here's Emma Ramey's 3 month post!)