Monday, May 2, 2016

Home Tour - Master Bedroom

We have lived in this home for a year - now that I've finished up this pregnancy and (almost finished the) newborn phase, I've decided it's high time that we finish up our current home tour.  I WILL finish every room before we move out of this house! :)

The master bedroom is up next.  We really do love this house for our current situation, but I will say's an older home, and older homes just have different layouts than what many of us are used to today.  Space is something we've definitely struggled with in the bedroom/bathroom area, so we've had to improvise a lot.

Take, for example, our bedroom furniture.  When we lived in Alabama, we bought a beautiful (huge) set of bedroom furniture that we decided would be ours forever and always.  Well, we didn't anticipate moving into a home where not all of it fit in the master bedroom.  So, one of our end tables is currently in Emmie's room, and the entertainment chest is at a weird angle to accommodate the layout of the room.

We've also had to improvise in the closet area.  Anybody that's ever lived in a home built before 1970 probably knows how tiny the closets can be.  We have a lot of them, but they are very spread out over the entire house.  I currently use the master closet (and part of the closet in Jackson's room) and Noah uses a closet in the kitchen and living room.  Like I said, we're making it work...just with kind of a strange arrangement!

But space (really the arrangement of closet/bedroom space) is my only complaint about this home.  We love it's honestly kind of cool (in a very Mad Men kind of way) to live in a home built in the early 1960s.   We find little treasures in this house all of the time that are so nostalgic!

Ok, enough talking...let's get to the master bedroom!

Looking in from the hallway.

A wider angle.  Jackson is currently occupying the room with us...he (mostly) sleeps in the Pack and Play at the end of our bed!

This is a piece that will always hang in our bouquet and invitation from our wedding.

Everybody has a few things they would grab in a fire - this is one of mine.  And apparently Jackson loves it too...he always stares at it during middle of the night feedings!

Looking back at the room from the end table. (My closet is on the left, our bathroom is on the right.)

When we moved into this house, I decided to get all new bedding.  I love how the colors came together!

This is another piece that will be in our bedroom forever.  We bought it at a charity benefit when we lived in reminds me of our bedroom when we lived there.  Lots of good memories!

There is almost a whole wall of windows in here...lots of light when we need it!


You can see our Alabama home here and our first Mississippi home here!