Friday, April 1, 2016

March, In Pictures

Not long ago, I was reading an article that talked about the "100 Days of Darkness."  When you have a new baby, there are 100 days of nothing - few trips out of the house, little interaction with people over the age of 4, very little time to yourself.  It's a beautiful, messy, wonderful, tiring, kind of surreal period of life.

Well friends - I'm declaring the 100 Days of Darkness over a little early for us.  I know this is a time I'll look back on fondly, but Mama's ready for a little bit of normalcy.  Jackson's slowly working himself into a pretty nice schedule (including a few 5-hour sleep stretches this week - score!), and after he gets his first round of shots next week, I'll be fully ready to get him out into the world.

Even though we've been right smack in the middle of our visit to No Man's Land, we've had a pretty fun and eventful month!  Here's a (somewhat random) look back a few snapshots of March 2016.

How old does my child look here?  I blinked and she turned 14.  One day, she randomly asked me to put her hair in a ponytail for school (and of course I had to get a picture).

We've been filling our time at home with lots of activities in the kitchen!  We got a little brave and tried Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Rolls one Friday afternoon.  They are incredibly labor-intensive, but oh so good.

The recipe is huge...this is what half of it makes.  Definitely something to make and freeze if you have an afternoon to dedicate to baking!

This child is most definitely my Velcro baby.  He insists on being held at all times.  The sling has been my BFF this time around!

...But being able to hold him while he naps?  So, so worth it.  Emmie never let me be around her when she napped (seriously, had to be by herself and in her crib), so this has been a fun little perk this time around.

Noah has been so good about letting me get out of the house a couple of nights a week to work...catch up on emails, blog, etc.  It's been so nice to have time outside of the house where I'm not corralling babies!

My people on St. Patrick's Day!

This is another day we experimented in the kitchen.  We made a new recipe for Daddy's favorite - Irish Soda Bread!  This one was in charge of adding the raisins...

...while this one supervised (with what was apparently a pretty concerned look).

Of course, we've had a few fun Springtime activities too!  We went to Emmie's Easter Egg Hunt last week.

And, in the biggest news of the month, Emmie turned 4 last Saturday!  She woke up to M&M's Pancakes.  (Sidenote: never stick wax candles in warm pancakes...they will melt into everything.  Ask me how I know.)

Months ago, Emmie told me that she wanted "A Chuck E Cheese birthday party with a Paw Patrol cake from Walmart." Those were literally the only requests she had.  Well girl, I can handle that.  I normally love doing the big, Pinterest-y parties, but this kind of party was just what the doctor ordered this year.

And you know what?  I honestly think she had more fun than she has ever had at a birthday party.  Her face was lit up the whole time.  Noah and I both agreed we couldn't have had a more perfect birthday party for her (or us) this year!

In the Ticket Booth with Daddy (where she caught the 1,000 ticket prize!).

That afternoon, Jackson and I went home for a nap (something that's become pretty common for us every afternoon) and Emmie and Noah went to a movie.  We got sleep and they got one-on-one!

That night, we dyed eggs for The Easter Bunny!

Want to know what?  This is one of the only good pictures I got on Easter Sunday.  

On Saturday, we said we would kind of play church/lunch by ear...Jackson normally has a fussy period around mid-morning, but if he was doing ok, we thought about trying Sunday School (it would be his first trip to church).  Sunday morning, he was in an awful mood, so we decided to stay home.  Noah's parents came to our house for lunch, and I didn't even put the kids in their Easter outfits.  I feel like I committed the cardinal sin of Mommy Bloggers by not at least getting a picture of them...I seriously thought about just putting them in their outfits for a picture this week, but the world will keep spinning if I don't, I'm sure of it.  So I'm hoping Easter was the last bit of our "100 Days of Darkness!"

But let me tell you, soaking in some time with these two has made this one of the most precious months ever.