Friday, April 29, 2016

Jackson's Newborn Pictures, Birth Announcements

We're definitely experiencing a little bit of second child syndrome over took me all of 11 weeks to get birth announcements sent out.  Now that they are finally in the mail, I can show off Jackson's newborn pictures and the final copy of his birth announcement!

These pictures were taken at our home when Jackson was almost 2 weeks old (by the fabulous Nan Knight).

This picture grabbed my heart - it's what we decided to use on the birth announcements!

We went with the Graceful Entrance cards from Minted (c/o, affiliate link used).  I love how soft and sweet they were with this picture!

I can already look at these pictures and tell such a huge difference in Jackson.  It's crazy what 9-ish weeks will do to a newborn.  We've loved every second of watching him change and grow!