Monday, April 11, 2016

Jackson at 2 Months


You are 2 months old!  I don't think I realized how much you've grown this month until I pulled out last month's post to write this one.  Man, you look so different!  I can't believe that we've gone from that teeny baby to this (not quite as teeny) baby in just one short month.  Time flies, huh?

Here's what you're doing at 2 months!


At your doctor's appointment on Friday, you were 14.5 pounds.  That puts you in the 92nd percentile for your age!  (You've even beaten where your sister was at 2 months old, even though you were 1 1/2 pounds lighter at birth.  That's some growing, mister!)


You are 24 inches even at 2 months old.  That's in the 91st percentile!

Clothing Size

We packed away the 3 month clothes this weekend.  I probably could have squeezed you in them for a couple more weeks, but they were pretty snug (and a family friend is having a baby in a couple of weeks, so I wanted her to have time to organize the hand-me-downs).


Very much in size 2's now.  We have so many size 1's left over because I honestly didn't think you'd grow this fast!  I've been trying to use as much as I could, but I believe the size 1 ship has officially sailed...they are so tiny on you now.  You're probably going through 6-8 a day.  And you've definitely warmed up to diaper changes - not always your favorite, but you're not kicking and screaming every time I try to change you either.


During the day, you usually have a feeding every 2-3 hours.  You're on a little bit of a schedule (nothing in stone though) eat at around 7-8 each morning, then around 11, then 2-3, at about 5, then about 8.  During the night, we usually only have to do 1-2 feedings now!


I really still can't tell if you're going to have blue or brown eyes.  Depending on the day and what you're wearing, they can look either color.  They're a really deep blue right now...I'm thinking they're going to go that way, but not totally sure yet.

And you have the cutest little old man horseshoe going on in the hair department!  Most of your top hair has fallen out, but the back little bit is still a dark brown.


It can be kind of erratic.  There's really no rhyme or reason to how well you'll sleep in a day.  I've tried to kind of enforce the "eat, play, sleep" routine, but you just kind of do your own thing.  If I had to describe a routine, you usually take a short-ish nap in the morning and a longer one (2-3 hours!) in the afternoon.  You have a fussy period after that (the witching hour is strong with this one) and you're usually asleep by 8-9.  You give us an awesome stretch of sleep after that though...usually 5-6 hours!

You're sleeping in your pack and play during that long nighttime stretch, then we're trying to stick to the co-sleeper for the second part of the night.

Fun Stuff

-Still loving the fan, the elephant picture in the living room, the clock...basically, anything hanging on the walls that is a different color than the walls.  You will fix on something for the longest time!

-We're getting lots of smiles lately!  You smile when Daddy or I get close to you and when you see one of the favorite things above.  You've given us a few laughs too.

-We've had a couple of fussy periods lately.  You had a growth spurt 1-2 weeks ago that gave us a rough couple of days.  You also had shots Friday and you've been a little fussy after that.

-You actually kind of love your swaddle now!  You pitch a fit for about the first 30 seconds you're in it, but once you calm down you sleep so well when you're wearing it.

-Like your big sister, you're not a huge fan of the car now.  If you're awake, you're probably screaming.  You get pretty upset if I'm not going fast and/or on a bumpy road.  But unlike your big sister, you will take pretty awesome car naps!  If I can get you to sleep, you will usually stay asleep until we get where we're going. 

-I call you my "Stage 5 Clinger." You are not a fan of being by yourself.  The Baby Bjorn has been my saving grace!

-You love moving...all the time.  We dance a lot.  Momma's going to have some killer arm and leg muscles by your first birthday. :)

-You are SO snuggly.  If I lay in bed with you, you'll almost always fall asleep within minutes.  Makes it very tempting to forget everything I have to do and cuddle with you. :) 

-You are definitely a morning person!  You just smile and coo when you wake up each morning.

Happy 2 months, Bobo!!  We can't tell you how happy you've made us.  You're definitely the perfect completion of our family!