Friday, March 11, 2016

Jackson at 1 Month

Jackson - you are one month old!  I know I'll probably say this for every monthly update we do, but time absolutely flew by this month.  We've loved finally having you here and learning all about you!  There have been a few sleepless nights, and a few crying sessions (for both of us), but man...I do love the newborn stage.  You are just the sweetest, squishiest thing.  We're so glad that you finally came along and completed our family!

Here's what you're up to at 1 month!


As of Wednesday, you were 11.6 pounds...that puts you right at the 90th percentile!  You've gained 2.7 pounds since you were born.


You were right at 23 inches long on Wednesday.  That's in the 97th percentile for your age and means you've grown almost 2 inches since birth!

Clothing Size

Very much in 3 month clothes.  Some 0-3 month outfits work, but newborn clothing has officially been packed away.  Unlike your sister, you actually did fit in those for a week or two though!


Size 1's fit perfectly on you.  They were actually a little big there at first!  You are going through at least 8 per day, usually closer to 10-12.  But I think I could change your diaper once an hour and it wouldn't be enough. :)  You absolutely hate diaper changes.  As a matter of fact, that's how I wake you up if I need you up for a feeding.


You eat around every 2-3 hours now.  Not a clue how much you're eating at each meal, but it's definitely working! :)  The one time we gave you a bottle you downed 4 ounces like it was nothing.  I'd say you're probably at 7-8 feedings per day.


Your hair was pretty dark at birth, but is already starting to fade a little!  And I'm thinking your eyes are going to be blue.  They were questionable there for a week or two, but especially this week, I've noticed a little bit of a blue tint.


Starting to get on a decent schedule.  You tend to be a little fussier and want to eat more in the mornings, so besides the little bit of car napping you do when we drop sister off at school, not too much sleep there.  You take a good nap in the afternoon (usually 2-3 hours), then another fussy time in the early evening.  You're usually asleep by 8-9pm and sleep a good chunk of the night.  I feed you before I go to bed (around 10-11), and we only wake up around 12-1 am for a feeding and 4-5 am for another feeding.  Hopefully we'll start getting a more solid schedule in a few weeks, but I'm not pushing it too much just yet!

You absolutely refuse to sleep in a bassinet.  I never ever thought I'd be a co-sleeper, but Momma's gotta sleep too.  (We just bought a sleeper to make it safer, and it might be the best $40 I've ever spent!  He falls asleep as soon as we put him in there each night.)

Fun Stuff

-You are definitely my Velcro baby.  If you had it your way, I would hold you all day.  You prefer to be carried around the house to sitting down.  We just broke out the sling yesterday and Mommy is a big fan...I can finally use both of my arms again! :)

-You favor your big sister just a little.  I love comparing the two of you!  You didn't look like her at all at birth, but as you change and grow, I can definitely see similarities in your nose and mouth.  (Here's her 1 month post.)

-The one time I can put you down and let you sleep is in the car.  If we're in the car for more than a few minutes, you're guaranteed to be asleep.  We've done lots of car naps in the past couple of weeks.

-I think you're starting to get a little birthmark below your left eye!

-Just like your sister, you love the ceiling fan.  If there's one in the room, you're going to stare at it.  You also lock in on pictures on the wall.

-You're starting to smile a few times a day!  You have the most adorable little half smile that melts me.

-You love laying on your belly.  If we're holding you, that's how you sleep most of the time.  I wish it was safe for you to sleep like that all the time - you love it!

We love you so much, Jackson Lee!