Monday, February 8, 2016

On The Night (Before) You Were Born


Well, here we are!  It's the night before you were born.  Words can't express how excited we are to meet you.  We can't wait to learn everything about you - who you look like, what your little personality is like, how big you are (which is currently a running bet in our house)...everything.

You are going to be just what we need to complete this family.  For the past few years, your big sister has completed us.  She was just what we needed at just the right time.  And now, here you come - and, no matter what, no matter what you do or where you go or who you become, you'll be the perfect addition to our family.  This family is a team - we might not always agree and we might not always get along 100% of the time, but no matter what, your family will always be on your side and will always be your biggest cheerleaders.  We will love you unconditionally and do everything we can to help you grow into a happy, healthy, grounded man.

Let's talk about your big sister for a second - man, she is so excited.  She's been preparing herself (as much as a 3-year-old can prepare herself) for being a big sister for months. She insists that she's going to shake a rattle in your face when you're upset to calm you down, give you your bottles, and supply you with lots of presents.  She already loves you as much as her little heart can, and it makes my heart so full to see.  I am 100% sure she's going to be an awesome big sister...I can't wait to see her get started.

And your Daddy?  Man, you have no idea how much you just hit the jackpot.  I knew he would be a good father before Emmie was born, but I really had no idea how good of a father he could be.  He loves your big sister with his whole heart and I'm convinced he is going to be just as amazing to you. I can tell he's secretly pretty excited about getting a new fishing buddy too...he can say all day that it didn't matter whether you were a boy or a girl, but his face lights up when someone starts talking about his son.

No matter your path in life, I want you to always know that you have always been and will always be loved.  I've been dreaming of my Jackson for years now, and as of tomorrow, you're here!  Forever and always, I get to be your Mommy, and I'm so excited about that.  I can't believe God chose me for you...I'm just so lucky.  You and your sister are the two best gifts I've ever been given, and if I receive nothing else in my life, I've been blessed because of the gift of you two.  Being your Mommy is the most important, and fun, and stressful, and emotional job I've ever had.  It's kind of crazy how you can wrap so many emotions into one relationship.  But they just kind of fall together in the most chaotic, amazing way.

I just think I love you right now, but I know it's going to be so much stronger tomorrow.  And man, I can't wait to experience that.  Do me a favor and give your mom some slack for the next few weeks, ok?  Even though this isn't my first rodeo, I kind of feel like I've forgotten what I'm doing.  We'll figure it out together (because you've got some learning to do in the next little bit, too).  It's going to be a lot of fun.

I love you forever and ever, little man!