Friday, February 5, 2016

9 Months

Well, I honestly didn't think we'd make it to this post, but here we are...and I'm so glad!  I really wanted to carry Jackson as long as I possibly could, in spite of how uncomfortable I've been for the past few weeks.  He got to keep growing and getting stronger and I got to wrap up a couple of random to-dos in the past week or two, so I really haven't minded him hanging out one bit!

Here we are at NINE MONTHS!!!

Size of Baby: I can't wait to know for sure!  According to the ultrasound we had last Friday, he was 8lbs, 13oz then.  Babies around this point can grow half a pound to a pound a week, so I think it's very possible we have another 10 pounder.  My official guess is 9 lbs, 15oz...Noah's saying 10lbs, 8oz.  We shall see!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I am up about 30 pounds as of right now...I'll definitely take that!

Maternity Clothes: Barely fit.  I've finally given up and (on the rare occasion I do leave the house) I'm wearing Noah's big sleep shirts and yoga pants pretty much full-time right now.  I'm a sight to see, I'm sure. :) If I do try to squeeze in to a maternity shirt, I have to wear something underneath so the bottom half of my belly doesn't hang out!  But maternity pants really aren't a problem (my belly is really high, so it's not hard to squeeze into those still).

Gender: It's a boy!  Jackson Lee Lambert

Movement: He's still trying his darnedest to move around in there.  I get occasional kicks (almost always on my right side), maybe 3-4 times a day, when he has an active spell for about 30 minutes.  He's always much more active at night (that could be a problem in a few days...), and every once in a while those kicks/jabs do hurt.  But they're usually just big and very pronounced!

Sleep: The pregnancy insomnia I had at the last little stretch with Emmie is most definitely back.  I didn't go to sleep until 5:30am one day this week!  My mind just kind of kicks into high gear about 9:00 each night.  But when I do sleep, it's really not bad.  It's just very difficult to roll over in bed and I usually have to get up once or twice a night to use the bathroom.  I can't wait to sleep on my stomach again!

What I miss: Not very much right now since I know I get most of it back NEXT WEEK!!!  Moving is the big one - I can't wait to function normally again.  A few foods too...raw sushi, deli meat, good cheeses, wine, desserts.  I might just gain more weight after pregnancy than I did during. :)

Cravings: Really not a whole lot.  The foods listed above, but I can't eat a whole lot at once.  I've had to drink an absolute ton of water or I just feel really crummy (and start having contractions), so you could maybe call that a craving.  I have noticed I've been hungrier in the past couple of weeks...I just have to eat lots of little snacks a day!

Symptoms: Just completely unable to move.  I waddle everywhere, very slowly.  Occasional contractions (nothing major), soreness in my hips and back pretty much all the time, a little bit of heartburn and indigestion (nothing like I had at the end with Emmie).  And the insomnia - I think mother nature is just trying to prepare me. :)

Best Moment This Month: Having everything basically ready for Little Man!  The baby supplies are ready, bags are packed, and clothes are washed.  Now, all we need is a baby!

Let's do a little comparison, shall we?  Here's 39 weeks with Emmie vs. 39 weeks with Jackson... can see my post from Emmie's pregnancy at this point here!  I made it to 41 weeks with her, but I most definitely won't have a comparison post for that one. :)

And a little progression shot...

We're ready for Tuesday!!!