Monday, January 4, 2016

Top 15 Posts in 2015

Top 15 Posts of 2015 from

Our little corner of the internet has grown so much in 2015!  We have had a few posts that were published this year take off and, thanks mostly to Pinterest, a few of my past posts have grown exponentially in popularity.

I'm kind of a visual person, so I'll give you a sneak peek of my Google analytics for the year.  You can see that the last half of the year showed a ton of growth in hits we receive!

You can compare this to 2014 to really see how much Lamberts Lately has grown...

I'm really happy with the amount of new traffic!

Like I mentioned, most of the traffic I've seen this year has been from Pinterest...and I'm perfectly fine with that.  It is a great resource for those seeking out ideas and for bloggers that have ideas to give!  I've been meaning to write a full post about how I grow some of my more viral posts...hopefully that's coming up in the blog post line-up.  For now, in order, here are the most popular posts on this site for 2015.  (These are in order, all the way up to #1 being my most popular post.)

#15 - 20 Ways to Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half (first published June 2013)

#14 - 101 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Men (first published November 2015)

#13 - 5 Ways to a Clean House (first published August 2012)

#12 - 101 Ideas for a Toddler Easter Basket (first published March 2014)

#11 - The Ultimate Blog Planning Notebook (first published February 2014)

#10 - 25 Days of Baby’s First Christmas (first published November 2012)

#9 - Freezer Meal Boot Camp (first published January 2013)

#8 - Emma Ramey’s Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Birthday Party (first published March 2014) 

#6 - 20 Ways to Reduce Your Utility Bill (first published August 2013) 

#5 - Stocking Stuffers for Baby's First Year (first published November 2012)

#4 - 10 Easy Toddler Lunch Ideas (first published August 2014)

#3 - 101 Stocking Stuffers for a Toddler (first published November 2013)

#2 - 101 Unique Stocking Stuffers for Women (first published November 2014)

#1 - How I Make My Home Look Professionally Cleaned (first published June 2015) (by far the most popular post this year, this almost tripled the amount of traffic of #2!)

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