Tuesday, December 29, 2015

This Christmas...

We're finally coming down from the Christmas weekend high over here.  Who else loved having Christmas on a Friday this year?  It was so nice to have a couple of days to recover afterwards - I vote we keep it like this! :)

Plans went a little awry for us this year. This was our year to be in Tuscaloosa for Christmas (we alternate between home and Tuscaloosa, then do the opposite for Thanksgiving), but current conditions kind of changed our minds.  I've been having a ton of contractions (like every 5-10 minutes if I'm on my feet at all), so after talking it over with our doctor last week, we just didn't think a 3+ hour car ride was the best idea.  So, we got our act together and made it the best Christmas at home!

Wednesday night, we had our big Christmas with Noah's family.

As always, there was a ton of fun and a ton of presents!

Getting a picture of the grandkids is getting more and more complicated...this is about as good as it gets right now.  There's going to be FOUR to wrangle this time next year!

Our Christmas Eve was definitely low-key, just how I like it.  Noah was able to take most of the day off work, so the three of us watched Christmas movies in our jammies, made cookies, and even let Emmie sneak a present. This was hers from Jackson, and she has begged us to open it since it has been under the tree!

Daddy and Mommy got to open a present too! (We only had one under the tree, so we both opened it so Emmie could be the focus on Christmas day.)

Christmas Eve night, we went to communion with Noah's family...one of my favorite Christmas traditions.  

Afterwards, this girl could.not.stop. playing with...after receiving so many toys the night before we lost count...a $1 cat toy from the dollar store. 

I told her all she was getting for Christmas this year was one of these. :)

This pretty much sums up pictures together these days.

Possibly one of the last pictures of our family of three! (And yes, I know I am as big as a house.)

We headed home to put out milk and cookies for Santa, and Emmie went off to bed!

Santa was very good to our girl this year...she must have been on her best behavior!  The three big things she requested were a "Miles Flashlight" (a teeny tiny flashlight that comes as a bonus prize with the Miles from Tomorrowland DVD...this has been her #1 since she started making her list), a scooter, and a train.  Santa threw in a few extras that he heard about along the way too. :)

Eddie (our elf) even wrote her a note to say goodbye!

You'll notice most of our Christmas morning pictures are taken from the same place...I woke up having contractions 3-5 minutes apart that day.  Kind of scary.  So I took it incredibly easy and was sitting/laying down most of the morning.  They finally were under control early that afternoon, thank goodness...I was so scared I was going into labor!

Later that afternoon, Emmie started complaining of her ear and throat hurting.  By maybe 4:00, she was in full-on sick mode...including falling asleep on the couch without us asking (very unlike her).  So, after my scare that morning and Emmie's sickies, we did what anybody would do for Christmas dinner...

...Chinese food.  Lots of it.  And after the day we had, it was pretty darn delicious.

So definitely not the Christmas we had planned, but you do what you have to do...and it ended up being pretty amazing! Now does somebody want to come take down Christmas decorations for an exhausted 8-month-pregnant lady? :)