Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Home Tour - Living Room (Christmas Edition)

This past summer, I started sharing pieces of our current home by posting some photos of our guest bedroom.  I had every intention of keeping it up - I want to document every single room of this house, even if we are only going to be in it for a short time.

But then pregnancy happened.  I just completely lost track and forgot to share anything else about this house.  So I thought I'd catch up, starting today!  I wanted to share a few of our Christmas decorations, so I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone by sharing how our living room looks during this Christmas season.

Looking into our living room.  Our house was built in 1960, and you can definitely still tell it has some of the old-school living room features: wood paneling (now painted), a large fireplace, and awesome built-ins that I just love.  If we do build, I plan on putting in a fireplace/built-in wall that's really similar to this one...I think it's such a cool feature that makes the whole room really cozy!

There really isn't a lot of light that comes into this room, but what does is through these French doors.  I've taken many, many pictures for the blog in front of these doors. :)

Looking the opposite way into the living room.  Hardy is a permanent fixture on this couch.  We found the couch at a sample sale right before we moved into this house - this living room just begged for a sectional, and we've really liked it!  (I'm not sure exactly what model it is, but the brand is United Furniture...here's a similar one.)

For the first time ever, we all have stockings this year!  These are a massive labor of love - it takes me about a year to cross-stitch the design for each one.  They are all from patterns - you can see Emmie's here, mine here, Hardy's here, and Noah's here (Jackson's is in the works...I'm hoping to have it ready by next year!).

Our tree is a little different this year - I went with more gold/brown colors than red and green.  I think, next year, I'm going to have a playroom tree with our family ornaments and tree in the living room for just the brown/gold tree.

I'm a big fan of sentimental ornaments.  Our anniversary is in December, so we received so many Christmas ornaments for our wedding...I still have and display them all.  And we have a quickly growing collection of handmade ornaments that I just love.

I always love the few days of the year where I have all of the presents wrapped and under our tree.  It doesn't last long (we've already started handing out for this year), but it just makes me so happy for the few days they are there!

I wasn't a fan of the decorative pillows that came with our couch, so I bought these slipcovers from Amazon for them...they were super inexpensive and have held up wonderfully!  There are also some buffalo check slipcovers that I've been eyeing for awhile that might make their appearance soon.

Looking back from the fireplace toward the kitchen.

This Santa Claus has some history...it has now hung in my classroom when I was a teacher and 3 different homes.  It could probably tell some stories if it could talk. :)

I really didn't think much of this nativity set when I bought it, but it's turned into one of my favorite decorations...not because it's something extravagant or beautiful, but because Emmie loves to play with it.  It actually is rarely set up like this because it's one of the decorations I let Emmie set up however she wants.  It's just really cool to see her interact with the story.  

We've had lots of conversations about the story of Jesus' birth from this little toy!

Merry Christmas from our home to yours!