Sunday, December 6, 2015

Celebrating (Big and Small) With Chuck E. Cheese's

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Chuck E. Cheese’s for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Just like any other family, we love to celebrate the big occasions. We are huge fans of holiday celebrations, and anybody that has read the blog for any stretch of time knows I love to throw a good birthday party. To my absolute delight, Emmie has definitely inherited that love of celebrating too.

But, sometimes you just need an easy way to celebrate the little things in life too. There are times that you don't want to go all-out for a good grade, or a great doctor's check-up, but you still want to mark a momentous occasion in your life. You don't have time to go through the hours of planning to put together a party, but you still want it to be special. What do you do?

To celebrate as a family, we love to visit places that are not only kid-friendly, but kid-centered. Chuck E. Cheese's is a one-stop shop for family-oriented fun with your kids. It's a great place to celebrate the many momentous events in life, both big and small. There's no need to wait for a birthday to make special family memories at Chuck E. Cheese’s (even though they do offer great options for birthday parties)...something as simple as splitting a pizza with your family or playing a round of air hockey can really mark those little events in life that are still worth noting.

Many people don't realize that Chuck E. Cheese’s is a great place for an affordable, delicious meal for your family. By signing up for their Chuck E Club, you can receive exclusive deals and offers, like a 30% discount on your first coupon sheet and a rewards calendar worth 10 free tokens. You can also check out their other current promotions on their deals page and even pick up a few store coupons on their coupons page. That coupons page is a go-to for our family...they often have family meal and token deals that makes a trip to Chuck E. Cheese’s an even better deal!

I also love that Chuck E. Cheese’s is a safe, wholesome trip for our family. Emmie gets to play in an environment that is guaranteed to be clean and safe. Chuck E. Cheese’s uses the Kid Check feature to help ensure that the only people Emmie can leave the store with is us...that gives me so much peace of mind while we're there. You're guaranteed to be welcomed into a wholesome, family-oriented place that lets us all (adults included) have fun!

A huge thank you to Chuck E. Cheese's for making a place where families can celebrate the many occasions in life, both big and small. Check out more information about Chuck E. Cheese's at their website, including information about how to join their Chuck E-Club and items from their new menu (including churros, BBQ chicken pizza, and parmesan bread sticks...yum!). Chuck E. Cheese's can also be found on Twitter and Instagram!

Chuck E. Cheese’s has been around for generations now - I'm sure many of my readers have fond memories of it from their childhood. What's your favorite Chuck E. Cheese’s memory?

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