Friday, November 6, 2015

Learning the True Meaning of Friendship

Sometimes I forget just how formative the age of three can be.  Emmie is learning so many lessons about life right to be a friend, the golden rule, the best way to treat those around you (just to name a few).  It really is kind of magical to watch her little personality grow and evolve as she learns how to be the best person she can be.

These are lessons that I work each and every day to teach her, as does Noah.  We are constantly working with her and talking about how she can make her best decisions.  This is something I know every other adult around her is emphasizing as well.  In addition, I love a TV show that teaches a lesson.  And Nick Jr.'s Little Charmers does just that.

This is an adorable new show that is both funny and inspiring.  In Little Charmers, the Charmers-in-Training are doing their best to make good use of their new magical powers.  They use teamwork and self-confidence to overcome obstacles...but, in the end, their most important power is true friendship. The show is absolutely perfect for Emmie right have to love an engaging and funny children's show that teaches incredible values!

This week, Emmie was lucky enough to have the chance to try out a few new toys from Little Charmer's line.  She was so excited to see one of her favorite characters, Hazel, come to life with the Hazel Magic Doll.  It includes a magic wand and small version of Hazel's feline friend, Seven.  Emmie's favorite feature is Hazel's "magic" disappearing cape!

Emmie has also loved pretending to mix the perfect potion with Lavender's Magical Wand.  Tilting the magic wand emits magical sounds straight from the show!

But the toy she was received that has made me the most proud was her Seven Plush Pet.  She was so excited to receive a plush version of Hazel's best companion from the show.  However, shortly before we opened the package, Emmie told me that her class discussed donating toys for Operation Christmas Child at school that morning. 

We were able to have a great talk about how lucky she was to receive all of these new things, and how some children might not receive a new toy like this all year.   Once she had a chance to look at all of these fun, new toys, she decided that she wanted her Seven plush to go to a little boy or girl in need through her school's toy drive.  She might not have realized it, but she was being a friend to someone that needed one...a full-circle moment, from just watching a show about friendship to actually showing it.

Talk about a proud Momma moment.  It's amazing to see that the lessons you drive home each and every day are actually doing something to form a little person.

A huge thanks to Little Charmers for not only providing a fun, engaging show, but teaching such a great lesson to children everywhere.  Little Charmers are the perfect holiday gift. Visit the Little Charmers website to make this holiday season magical! 

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