Tuesday, November 17, 2015

25 Days of Christmas Giving

A few years ago, I did a post about ways you can celebrate 25 Days of Baby's First Christmas that has become pretty popular on social media.  It was a nice collection of ways to celebrate with a smaller baby.  Since then, our priorities for celebrating the holidays with Emmie have changed just a little bit though.  We still love to do all of the fun, festive activities that make the holidays so special.  But, as she gets older, I really want to emphasize giving and serving others as the main theme of our holiday celebrations.

I've really been brainstorming ways we can perform selfless acts of kindness for those around us this time of the year.  In keeping with my "25 Days of..." post theme, here are 25 Days of Christmas Giving that are perfect for following with a younger child!

25 Days of Christmas Giving - great list of ways you can volunteer with children during the holidays!  Activities are appropriate for different ages of children, and the whole family can get involved on the activities.

1. Donate to your favorite charity.

2. Make dinner for a friend in need.

3. Clean out your toy bin for charity.

4. Write an encouraging note to a family member.

5. Make cookies for your local fire department/police station.

6. Pick an angel from an angel tree program.

7. When Christmas shopping, let another customer skip in front of you at check-out.

8. Pay for the person behind you at a drive-thru.

9. Send a care package to a member of the military.

10. Make crafts to cheer up patients at a local children's hospital.

11. Volunteer at a local soup kitchen.

12. Adopt a family through a local charitable organization.

13. Offer to help decorate for the holidays at your local school, after-school center, senior center, etc.

14. Write a thank-you letter to your garbage man, teacher, mailman, etc.

15. Pick up trash at a local park.

16. Sing Christmas carols to neighbors.

17. Take "stocking stuffers" (treats, food, small toys) to an animal shelter.

18. Buy a holiday treat for the school receptionist.

19. Have kids help with Christmas cards by writing a personal note to friends/family.

20. Participate in a walk/run event for charity.

21. Donate old clothes/coats to your local homeless shelter.

22. Make Christmas ornaments to decorate the tree at your local nursing home.

23. Leave change on a parking meter for the next patron.

24.  Organize a canned food drive at your school.

25.  Visit a nursing home or a VA hospital.

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