Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Fueling a Healthy Life

A huge thanks to The National Milk Life Campaign’s Back-to-School program for sponsoring this post.

Throughout my first two posts in this series, I discussed how I use milk and other nutritious foods to encourage a healthy lifestyle for our family.  But those posts really only address how to provide nutrition to fuel healthy bodies.  How do we fuel healthy relationships within our family?

I have been passionate about establishing a strong family bond since day one with Emmie.  It is so important to instill healthy nutrition habits in our kids...but one thing that is often overlooked is instilling healthy family and personal relationships from an early age.  Ensuring that our kids have a strong family bond not only gives them a solid foundation for mental well-being that will last for the rest of their lives, but strengthens their ability to form relationships outside the family.

I want to give my kids the best start in life, whether it's on the nutrition front or in the ability to bond with our family and others.  Here are a few ways we help make sure they will get that solid start!
  • Family dinners every night possible. Let's face it: it is just not possible to sit down as a family 7 nights per week for a family dinner.  However, we sit down as a family as many nights as possible to discuss our day and eat a family dinner together.  I know that so many people harp on the effects of at least one family meal a day, but the research shows that family dinners strengthen the mental well-being of every family member.  I know I feel better after we've had a family dinner!
  • Family movie night.  This is one tradition that Emmie absolutely loves (she reminds us to do it as often as possible).  Usually once a week, we all sit down as a family and watch a movie together; no cell phones, no computers, just the three of us and a movie.  It's a great chance to bond as a family over a fun experience that Emmie will remember forever.
  • Nightly bedtime routine.  We have a little bit of a routine for Emmie's bedtime that doesn't really sway from the norm very often.  Either Noah or I give Emmie a bath, usually talking about her day with her in the process.  Then, the other parent brushes her teeth and reads her a bedtime story of her choosing.  It's really important to us that both parents get some one-on-one time with her each day...added bonus, we get a little bit of reading time in each and every day (that's a must for me).  
  • Cooking as a family.  If you've read my blog for any period of time, you know this is a passion of mine.  I love getting Emmie involved in the kitchen.  Not only does it provide a foundation of showing her how to use healthy, nutrient-rich foods to make yummy recipes, but it gives us a wonderful chance to bond in a mutual love of cooking.  It's something she really loves to do, and I do too!  This activity really provides a foundation for a healthy body and a healthy mind.
Schedules are busy; life is busy.  I'm sure we are not the only family that struggles sometimes with juggling daily responsibilities and creating family quality time.  But it's a struggle that we will continue to fight...I think it is so important that we ensure both the physical and emotional health of our children!

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