Tuesday, September 1, 2015

September 2015 Goals

After going kind of minimizing the goals list for the past couple of months, I'm hoping to start dialing it back up this month!  I'm starting to feel much better after the first trimester funk has died down, so I know I can get much more accomplished towards my goals for 2015.

Here is what I've been up to for the past month!  You can see the original goals for August here.

1. Minimize the restaurant budget.  B - Not bad, not great either.  We did go a little bit over the budget this month, but that category was cut to the absolute minimum.  In hindsight, I should have raised that total a little.  We didn't get out of control, but could have done better.

2.  Sell what we can in the garage sale; donate what isn't sold.  A - We have worked our tails off this month to get this done.  We have a a few straggling items (some waiting to be picked up by buyers, some needing to be donated), but I can't tell you how much we've gotten rid of that we didn't need this month.  It feels so good!

3.  Keep the house as tidy/organized as possible.  B - Meh, I tried.  I will say that I did much better about cleaning up a little bit at a time, but the issues I've had with this pregnancy kept me sitting as much as possible.  We've also gotten Emmie in on this - at least once a day, I have her pick up toys from around the house and at least take them in her playroom.  That's been super helpful!

Alrighty, here are my goals for this month!

1.  Start back with the cleaning schedule this month. - Y'all, this totally went by the wayside this summer. I was doing alright to get out of bed most mornings during the first trimester, so obviously not a lot of cleaning happened.  I'm picking this back up starting this week!

2.  Each week, concentrate on fully organizing one room. - I thought the easiest way to do this would be to go by the "room of the week" list on my cleaning schedule.  Each week, in addition to doing the deep cleaning checklist, I'm going to make sure everything is as organized and cleaned out as possible.

3.  Drink much more water. - I noticed a couple of Braxton Hicks in the past week or two (yes, they can happen this early).  Those were always a sign I was a little dehydrated during Emmie's pregnancy, so I'm definitely upping the water intake now.  I'm not quite as sick as I have been, and I've actually noticed I wanted water lately!  I've actually got a bottle next to me as I type this.

4.  Start cooking nightly again.  Bless Noah Lambert's heart - he has all but taken over the cooking duties around here.  By the time dinner rolls around, I usually want nothing to do with food...and the other people around here still need to eat.  But it's time to get back in the swing of things.  I've cooked a meal or two here and there, but I want to take this back over full-time.