Thursday, September 24, 2015

Boy or Girl, Part 2

When I was pregnant with Emmie, I think I looked at every Old Wives' Tale in the book to figure out what I was having.  And you want to know the one thing I did learn?

Old Wives' Tales don't work.  You're better off flipping a coin to predict gender.

But they are fun.  Since we're finding out what baby #2 is next Tuesday, I thought I'd take a look back at my favorite Old Wives' Tales to see if they "know" what we're having!

(You can see the post I did with Emmie's pregnancy here.)

Morning sickness: OH YES.  Five times worse than with Emmie. So GIRL

Soft or dry skin? Constantly dry, I'm always putting on lotion/chapstick... so BOY

Are you craving citrus? It comes and goes, I have had to have it a few times.  BOY

Have you felt glowing or less than beautiful and had lots of breakouts?  I'm telling y'all, this pregnancy hasn't been pretty in multiple ways. :) Not glowing at all, my face is terrible.  GIRL

Heartbeat indicator: It's been much slower than the heart rates we had with Emmie...usually somewhere around 160. BOY

Craving fruit or meat?: Much more fruit than meat, although meat has been much more tolerable this time around!  GIRL

Pendullum test: Ok, I had honestly not done this until right kind of went in circles some and back and forth some?  So I'm not sure.  I'd say back and forth more, so BOY

Dreams: I honestly haven't had a lot of baby dreams (is that bad?), but the couple I have had have been pretty split.  I think this one is undecided. (Coincidentally, last night, I dreamed I gave birth to a cat.  So if my dreams are to be believed, we're in trouble.)

How are you carrying the extra weight?  Same as my last pregnancy, it's pretty much all in my belly and all really low... so BOY

Does your pillow face north or south when you sleep?  So undecided on this one.

Chinese Gender Calendar: Says BOY

Hair on legs:  Maybe slower growing if anything, so BOY

Addition test (Month you got pregnant + age when you got pregnant):  Even, so BOY

Do you eat the end of a loaf of bread?  I've never done GIRL

That brings the GIRL total to 4 and the BOY total to 8...looking a little more definitive this time around! :)

We'll see Tuesday!