Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Big News Details!

Thank you so much for all of the sweet well-wishes yesterday!  We are over the moon excited, and so glad the secret's finally out!

Here are a few of details about what we've been up to for the past couple of months...

-First thing's first...I am currently on modified bed rest, but I landed here for totally different reasons than the issues I've had in my previous pregnancies.

The first 11 weeks of pregnancy were totally picture perfect.  I mean, no issues whatsoever...it was honestly kind of strange to me. :) Once I discussed trying to get pregnant this time with my doctor, he asked me to start pregnancy tests really early, so if I did have another progesterone deficiency, we could get it treated early and hopefully save the pregnancy. So I found out at 12dpo (June 6th) that I was pregnant, and after blood work that day and 2 days later, discovered that all of my levels were great!

(If you're not a fan of gross pregnancy stuff, you might want to skip the next couple of paragraphs.)

I couldn't have asked for a smoother 1st trimester...until 11 weeks, which was last Thursday.  Emmie and I had been out that morning, and as soon as we got home, I discovered I was bleeding.  Not spotting, but full-on (lots of) bleeding.  Obviously I was caught off guard and freaked out, so I called Noah, then called my doctor.  My mother-in-law came to pick Emmie up and I got in bed.

Naturally, I googled.  I know, stop googling Leslie.  But I did it anyway, and this time it actually put my mind (somewhat) at ease.  Immediately, I noticed that women were talking about something called a Subchorionic Hematoma, and it sounded exactly like the symptoms I was seeing...no cramping, no other symptoms, but a whole lot of blood that commonly shows up around this point in a pregnancy.  My doctor called back a little while later and said, since I had an appointment the next morning, just to try to get some rest and stay off my feet that night.  I do have a fetal doppler that checks the baby's heartbeat (which I'm telling you, is worth its weight in gold if you have pregnancy issues), and was able to immediately check for a heartbeat once I called the doctor.  It was still there and still really strong, so I honestly never really thought I was having a miscarriage...but you also never want to see bleeding during a pregnancy either, you know?  So I wasn't sure what to think that night.

We went in that next morning, and the doctor immediately sent me to ultrasound to see what's going on.  Sure enough, I have a decent-sized Subchorionic Hematoma (I didn't get exact measurements, but I remember from the ultrasound it was about as big as the baby - you can kind of see it in the ultrasound, it's the darker spot over to the left of the baby). This happens in about 15% of pregnancies and is usually caused when part of the placenta randomly separates from the uterus, causing the bleeding.  There's no real cause for it and, besides bedrest, no real treatment either.  The good news is that these usually don't affect the health of the baby at all and typically resolve themselves by about 20 weeks.  The bad news is I landed myself back in the "problem pregnancy" column.  It just wasn't meant for me to have a normal 1st trimester I guess. :)

I was on total bedrest all weekend.  The doctor said that, as long as I had no bleeding by the end of the weekend, I could start getting up some and working normal, light routine activities back in.  I haven't actively bled since Friday, so hopefully the worst is over!  Noah and my mother-in-law have been a huge, huge help...they've pretty much taken over Emma Ramey duty since Thursday so I could actually do bed rest (it wouldn't have been possible without them).

I'm really at a peace about this, and I've got full faith that everything's going to be just fine.  But I'm also going to try to do a better job of taking it easy and letting this thing heal!  Obviously, your prayers would always be appreciated that this resolves itself quickly.  We really debated whether or not to spill the beans just yet after this happened, but I just remember how wonderful everyone's support was with our pregnancy losses.  I knew we would probably end up telling everyone about this pregnancy either way, so I didn't see any damage in sharing our good news now. We also needed to explain why I have fallen off the face of the planet for a couple of weeks!

-My due date is February 18th (which puts me at 11 weeks, 5 days right now).  This will be a repeat C-section, so my doctor said I'll more than likely deliver around 39 weeks, especially since I've had a big baby before.  No plans whatsoever to have a Valentine's baby, unless the bambino has another idea in mind.  Fun fact: I was originally due with Emma Ramey on March 18th, but she measured 3 days ahead on her first ultrasound, so they moved me up to March 15th.  This baby is due February 18th, but measured 3 days ahead on the first ultrasound...my doctor decided not to adjust the due date this time around, but if he had, this baby would have been moved up to February 15th!  Both babies were/are also due on leap years within weeks of the "leap day," but hopefully I have a 2-3 week old baby at home by February 29th, 2016.

-I have been pretty sick this time around.  I feel like this time has been more intense than with Emma Ramey.  But, it's really easy to forget that feeling, and I was starting a school year when I was in this stage with her, so I definitely had something to take my mind off of it...so I'm honestly not sure if it's worse or I just forgot the feeling.  My doctor has me on a medicine that is really just a mixture of Unisom and Vitamin B6 for the morning sickness.  Since I'm essentially on sleeping pills all day every day, so I've been really sleepy.  I am incredibly lucky that Emmie is still taking naps every afternoon, because I've needed one every day, too!

No real cravings yet.  I really just have foods that I can tolerate. :) Sometimes I'm sick all day, every day, sometimes it's just first thing in the morning, sometimes it's from early evening until I go to bed, and sometimes (rarely) I feel great all day.  There's no rhyme or reason to it.  I've been making myself eat even when I was sick though...I lost 10 pounds in my 1st trimester with Emmie, and I didn't want a repeat of that.  As of today I'm only down 2 or 3 pounds.

This ended at about 12 weeks last time around, so hopefully we're in the home stretch!

-We told Emma Ramey last Friday night. We held off for a really long time...the last thing I ever wanted to do was explain a miscarriage to a little girl that is very, very ready to be a big sister (she talks about babies constantly). The original plan was to tell her Thursday night and let her go to the appointment with us Friday.  We obviously held off because of the issues I had, but after getting the diagnosis of a SCH that morning (and reading really positive things about the prognosis with that), we decided it was best to go on and tell her.  We told her to understand that Mommy needed to get a lot of rest and stay in the bed to keep the baby healthy.  She was (is) incredibly excited!  She has said "I don't know if it's going to be a boy or a girl" to me at least a hundred times, and loves rubbing my tummy to "calm the baby down."

Truth be told, we think she's kind of known the whole time.  She has asked me if there was a baby in my tummy for months now (even before I was pregnant).  At one point, she dropped a toy on my belly when I was laying down really early in the pregnancy,  and I stopped her and seriously told her she couldn't do that right now.  She grinned from ear to ear and said, "You've got a baby in your tummy!"  We're pretty sure she's known since then.  And Hardy...Hardy definitely knows.  He has followed me around the house obsessively the whole time.  He rarely leaves my side, which is kind of unusual for him.

-Noah has been incredible.  I've been sick since around 5 1/2 weeks, to the point where the smell of cooking food was just overwhelming (and it still is to this day).  So, I've taken care of the meal planning and the shopping, and Noah has cooked almost every night. I've helped once or twice when I could tolerate it, but not much.  He's also taken over most of the cleaning, and is still working full-time.  I couldn't have done this without him!

-Is it insane to think I might have felt a couple of kicks already?  They are definitely not consistent at all...I might go a few days without feeling anything.  But I've felt a few jabs that feel awfully familiar!  Any mama out there knows that it's hard to tell the difference this early, so I'm not 100% sure that's what is going on...but it's an incredibly familiar feeling. :)

-I've had 2 ultrasounds so far.  I was only supposed to get 1, but the only bonus of a SCH is getting a peek at the baby while they're checking on the bleed.

Like I said, the dating ultrasound at 7 weeks, 1 day had the baby measuring 3 days ahead.  I honestly didn't check about size at the last ultrasound (since that was totally not the big concern that day), but the 11 week ultrasounds of Emmie and this baby look really similar.  We got to see the baby moving in the last one...pretty cool!  I've also been checking on the baby at home with the doppler like a crazy person. Always a great heart rate (usually ranges from 170-180) and usually always moving...I can only keep the heartbeat on the doppler for a few seconds at a time!

-I have another appointment next Wednesday to check on the progress of the SCH.  I'll have an ultrasound then to check to see if it's getting bigger or smaller.  After that, I go back in another 2 weeks, hopefully for just a normal check-up!  My doctor does anatomy scans at around 20 weeks, so we should find out the gender in late September/early October.  Honestly, all I want is a healthy baby!

-This time around, I'll be doing monthly updates.  With a 3-year-old, I'm just not sure if I can swing the weekly blog updates I did with Emmie (plus, I'm sure the same old info gets annoying to read after awhile).  I want to at least have monthly updates to remember this pregnancy though!

Again, thank you, thank you, thank you for your support and prayers!  This little community has meant so much to us, in happy times and sad times.  You will never know how much we appreciate the love!