Monday, August 10, 2015

August 2015 Goals

Just 9 days late, right? :) I'm totally pulling the pregnancy card on this one.  Morning (and by morning, I mean all-day-every-day) sickness is still in full force, and barring a few days at Nana's house, Emmie has been home with me 100% of the time for the past few weeks. So I'm just in survival mode right now.  If you don't hear from me for a few days at a time, you know why...and hopefully this stage is almost over!

You can see my goals for July here and my overall 2015 goals here.

1.  Stay on trend with spending. A- We've really pulled in the reins on this one for the past month or so.  The only reason I give it a minus is restaurant spending - it tends to get way (WAY) out of control when you're in your first trimester and there's only one thing on the face of the planet you can even think about eating that night.  I call that a necessary expense though - it was that or starve!

2.  Inventory all extra cleaners/toiletries/paper products in our home. F Not even close.  I have kind of a running tally of everything we have, so I sort of know what's going on - but no.  Didn't even try this.

3.  Drink more water.  B I did what I could with this.  I did constantly have some water with me, and tried to drink it when I wasn't sick.  I got really dehydrated at one point in my pregnancy with Emmie (enough that I ended up with some scary contractions at around 24 weeks pregnant), so I know it is terrible to not get enough water when you're pregnant.  But drinking too much water has the tendency to bring on sickness right now, so I didn't want to overdo it either.  Not terrible, but I could have definitely done better!

4.  Prepare (or have) a yard sale.  B Our plan was to have this on the first weekend of this month, but those plans changed (with great reason).  Our neighborhood is having a community-wide garage sale in a couple of weekends...why not wait and get lots more publicity?  So, my house still looks like a home goods warehouse.  We officially sold our Tuscaloosa condo in July, and most of that is still in my living room.  Yes, it's making me a little stir crazy, but we can do it for a couple more weeks!   I was hoping to get a little bit more inventorying done by now, but hasn't happened.  That's a big goal for the next few weeks (see below).

Here's what I'm hoping to accomplish for August!  This is super scaled back this month.  I'm hoping to be (almost) my normal self by September, but for now, what you see is what you get. :)

1. Minimize the restaurant budget.  Easier said than done when you something particular to eat.  But I'm starting to get a little bit better about powering through the sickness and just eating what we have.  This all basically ended at 13-14 weeks with Emma Ramey, so hopefully that pesky detail won't be a factor in the budget much longer!  If possible, I'd love to use mostly restaurant gift cards this month.

2.  Sell what we can in the garage sale; donate what isn't sold.  We pretty much know what we need to get rid of at this point.  The plan is to sell what we can, and barring a few high-dollar items (which will go on Facebook sales/Craigslist if not sold), donate the little things.  I am all about less clutter right now!

3.  Keep the house as tidy/organized as possible.  I'll be 100% honest - my normal cleaning schedule has totally gone out the window this summer.  It's something I'm usually really good about, but just didn't happen with everything that's going on.  I'm hoping to get back to it full-time in September, but for now, I just want to keep the house somewhat organized.  Little things, like decluttering for 10 minutes a day, are my goal this month.

Here's to a great August...what's left of it! :)