Monday, July 6, 2015

Lazy Days of Summer

We've had a great summer so far around here.  Nothing out of the ordinary - a day or two of school each week, library days, pool trips, and even swim lessons for the munchkin.  I know we're going to be going full-swing in about a month, so we're kind of soaking up the laziness right now.

About 2 weeks ago, we had the chance to spend a few days in Orange Beach with family.  I know I've said it before - but Emmie is a total, complete, 100% water baby.  I've always wondered how long she would stay at the beach/pool if we didn't make her leave.  In her 3 years, she has never once asked to get out of the pool.

This year was no different! She was in the water every chance she got.

We honestly didn't venture out to the beach too much.  Between sharks and flesh-eating bacteria, momma bear wasn't a big fan this year.  The girls had plenty of fun at the pool.

And so did we!

We had a great time spending some QT with our new nephew...

...and the girls just look miserable together, don't they?

The annual herding of the cats.  Looks like fun, huh?

That week, we also got the chance to celebrate a couple of birthdays!  Noah and his dad have birthdays 5 days apart.

The cake was the star of the show, of course.

A few days after we got home, Noah actually celebrated the big 3-1!  His birthday was a little different than we had really planned.  We were incredibly surprised (and thrilled) to have our condo in Tuscaloosa go under contract after 2 weeks on the market.  We're so excited to have it so close to selling, but there's been a little bit of running around trying to arrange everything.  We actually ended up moving the rest of our things out of it on Noah's birthday...not our optimal plans, but not the worst way to celebrate either.  

Once we were finally back in Mississippi, we celebrated with ice cream cake (birthday boy's request), takeout, and a very smiley, patriotic toddler.  

We also had a little bit more celebrating the next day!