Wednesday, July 8, 2015

How to Automagically Share Stories with the RealTimes™ App

If you're anything like me, you take an absolute boatload of photos and videos on your smartphone every day. And if you're like me, you only use a fraction of what you actually take.

I love sharing videos and photos from our day, but social media really only sees a tiny snapshot of the big picture. There's really so much more to our story than that.  There's a fine line between sharing your story and over-sharing, but I also want our full story to be there for friends and family to see.

Recently, I found the perfect solution.  The RealTimes™ App effortlessly takes the pictures and videos that you record on your smartphone each and every day and organizes them into memorable, easy-to-edit video stories.  These stories backup automatically to your RealCloud, a private cloud drive that you can access from your smartphone, PC, TV, or tablet.

Once you take photos, RealTimes™ will notify you of new stories to view.  Stories are automatically organized into an easy-to-navigate timeline.  It does it all for you!  You can also create your own albums to keep related stories together. Here's how it works!

Download RealTimes™ here.  As soon as you open and give access to your photos, you'll immediately see your events neatly organized into stories!

Under the Stories tab, you'll see each story broken down.  Click on one to view and/or edit.

From there, you can customize your stories.  Change duration, scene order...


...which pictures are shown in your story...

...effects (think filters)...

...and music selection.  Like I said, fully customizable!

From there, you have the option to share your story on social media, email, or text message.  This is a great way to involve family & friends that might not be on social media.  Viewers don't have to have the RealTimes™ app to view your story.  You can view this on any device through Realplayer even fits any screen!

You can download the RealTimes™ app through Google Play or iTunes.  When you sign up, get 7gb of storage for free!  There is also a premium plan ($4.99/month with 25gb of additional storage) and an unlimited plan ($9.99/month with access to all music tracks, filters and effects for unlimited story duration and storage use for up to 15 devices).

Learn more about RealTimes™ here.  You can also check out their Facebook, Youtube, or Twitter page for more info!