Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Top 10 Last-Minute Beach/Pool Bag Essentials

Great list of things to throw into a beach / pool bag at the last minute!

Quick: a friend just called for a last-minute trip to the pool.  You have absolutely nothing in your beach bag and you have 5 minutes to pack one.  What do you bring? I definitely have a running list of things that have to come to the pool with us.  Some are absolutely mandatory and some just help make a day at the pool a little bit more fun!  I've mastered the "throw and go" method of packing a beach are a few of the things we take with us each and every time!
Great list of things to throw into a beach / pool bag at the last minute!

1.  Baby Float - We used this much more when Emmie was a baby, but I still like to bring it for the smaller toddlers at the pool.  It's a compact baby float that fits in this little carrying convenient for a beach bag!

2.  Towels - Who goes to the pool without a couple of these?  I usually take at least 2, sometimes 3 (so I can place on a chair).

3.  Sunscreen - Absolute must for outdoor play!  Emmie usually wears 50-75 SPF (depending on how long we'll be out) and I wear SPF 15.

4.  Arm floaters - Anytime Emmie is going to be near the pool, she wears this!  She is still supervised of course, but this just absolutely puts my mind at ease until she's a swimmer.  We've used this since last year.

5.  Sparkling ICE - I love to keep something cool to drink around at the pool.  I am not a big fan of plain water...but Sparkling ICE delivers just the right amount of flavor and a little bit of fizz!  There are 17 different real fruit flavor combinations of Sparkling ICE, including Black Raspberry, Orange Mango, and Kiwi Strawberry. It's a refreshing drink that has zero of both worlds!

Great list of things to throw into a beach / pool bag at the last minute!

6.  Convenient snacks - I like to bring portable pieces of fruit, like a banana, or pool-friendly, individually packed items like nuts or raisins to the pool.

7.  Phone - My phone is a must!  I keep a water-safe case on it in the summer...this is essential for a day by the water.  We use it to play music, check weather conditions, and even have a few minutes of social media if somebody else is willing to watch the kids. :)

8.  Toys - I usually allow Emma Ramey to take 3-4 toys to the pool with her...anymore than that tends to be bulky and unnecessary.  I've found she only plays with a select few anyway.  Plus, our friends always bring a few too!

9.  Hats - I have a hat for both me and Emma Ramey.  Keep the sun out of your eyes and protect your head!

10.  Summer books - Again, if I'm lucky enough to have a friend or Noah at the pool to watch Emma Ramey, this is a nice way to relax!

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