Tuesday, June 16, 2015

My Summer Momiform

Like many women out there, I tend to have a few staple pieces in my closet during the summer.  There are just those essentials that I think every woman needs.  I like to keep lots of functional pieces in my wardrobe that could be used in a lot of different combinations...mixing and matching is key!  And of course, they have to be cool enough to stand up to a Mississippi summer.

Here are a few things I keep around for my summer "mom"iform!

Great summer fashion staples for a mom!

1. Women's 3" Chino Shorts (My absolute favorite - they're under $20 right now! Under the "Factory" section.)
2. Women's Twill Shorts (Also under $20 right now!)
3. Stripe Weekend Shorts (Use code BEST for 35% off right now.)
4. Clean Front Shorts - Navy
5. Drawstring Linen Short (30% off with the code GOSHOPPING)
6. Gingham Sailor Riviera Shorts

Shorts are an absolute must for southern summers.  It's already absolutely sweltering, and will probably stay this way well into September.  I love introducing bright colors and patterns with my shorts...it adds the perfect "pop" to an outfit!

Great summer fashion staples for a mom!

1. Women's White Eyelet Babydoll Cami (Use code BEST for 35% off.)
2. Dex Mint Embroidered Eyelet Neck Tank
3. Women's Yellow Button-Front Shell
4. Chambray Swing Shell
5. Women's Bright Peony Matte Crepe Tank (Use code BEST for 35% off.)

Let's go back to the main point: it's HOT.  So I like to have tops that are breezy, light, and not all that expensive.  I usually go sleeveless, but long-sleeves are just out the window this time of the year.  I typically go solid colors with tops; it makes it so much easier to mix and match with shorts!

Great summer fashion staples for a mom!

1. T-Strap Sandals (Under $30!)
2. Rainbow Narrow Strap Sandals
3. Tory Burch Millers (I promise you, these are worth every penny...I wear them all the time!)
4. Women's Crisscross Sandals (Use code BEST for 35% off...already only $20!)
5. Splendid Crete Gladiators
6. Gabriela Braided Sandals (Under $20!)

Life is too short for uncomfortable shoes.  I just don't do them.  So, in the summer, I like to have a few different pairs of sandals that can work for both dressy and casual situations.  I usually keep a few neutral pairs, one or two black pairs, and a little bit of gold is fun every once in awhile too. :)

Great summer fashion staples for a mom!

1. Double Pearl Hoop Stud Earrings
2. LV Monogram Neverfull MM (hellooo wishlist!)
3. Monogram Leather Cuff Bracelet
4. Lanyard Necklace with Teardrops
5. Rounded Chain Bracelet (30% off with the code GOSHOPPING)
6. Ray Ban 58mm Aviators

I am definitely a "one and done" kind of girl with accessories. I firmly believe in under-accessorizing...it just outweighs the outfit if you have too much going on.  So, I like to keep my accessories functional, light, and no-fuss during the summer.

Happy summer and happy shopping!!

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