Monday, June 22, 2015

Life, in Pictures

I feel like I am getting more and more away from sharing lots of life updates on the blog.  I share our little snippets on Instagram, but I just really prefer sharing my thoughts, ideas, and recipes over here.  For memory's sake though, I still want to post a little bit about our "highlights" every once in awhile.  I think it's the right recipe for our blog during this season of life.

We had our first boat ride of the year a couple of weeks ago!  There was never any doubt that this child is a water baby.  She would stay on the boat/in the water all day, every day if I let her.

In our usual seat on the boat, with her usual choice of upside-down sunglasses.

And on the beach!

Emmie had Vacation Bible School a couple of weeks ago!  She's getting ready to throw a "Mississippi Snow Ball" (baking soda and shaving cream) at one of the VBS leaders for raising their goal amount of money for charity.

Another one from that day...her Daddy was so proud of her shoe selection.

That weekend, we had a chance to check something off of our bucket list...a trip to see Garth Brooks!  Noah and I have seriously wanted to do this forever, and it didn't disappoint.  Probably the best concert I've ever been to.  He puts on a show!

It POURED rain while we were waiting in line to get into the arena...there was absolutely no hiding it.  So we all look like drowned rats in the pictures.  It was definitely a fun memory though.

Such a fun time with friends!

Since Emmie is out of school on Wednesdays during the summer, we get to make our library's story time!  I think we both forgot how much we love it.

She is on a huge Fancy Nancy kick right now.  I just love that she's so into books...the former teacher in me gets giddy when I see her so excited about reading!

Our Father's Day was great!  Noah had one request for Father's Day: that he was allowed to grill/smoke whatever he wanted.  I'm not going to argue with that.

(Can you believe I didn't get a picture of Emmie and Noah together?  I know...terrible momarazzi.)

Emmie was so excited to have cousins in town this weekend!  She is baby OB-SESSED right now.  She loves her cousin Avery (if you asked her who her best friend is, I guarantee she'll say Avery), but she was just so excited about seeing baby Bates, whom she's only been around once or twice.  She starts talking in this very light, sweet voice when she talks about babies.  It's so cute!

This was her first time to hold him...I think she did a pretty good job!