Tuesday, June 2, 2015

June 2015 Goals

I'm not sure it feels like I accomplished as much this month, but I'm going to give myself a pass.  Emmie's preschool was out for the majority of the month, so I felt like I spent the majority of the month keeping my head above water.  I had no idea how dependent I had become on those few hours a day! I also had to go back to keeping my house totally clean all by myself (more on that later this week).  In spite of not accomplishing as much, it was great to have extra time with my girl.

Let's take a look back at the goals I had for May and how I did with them! (Just as a reminder, these are my yearly goals for 2015.)

1. Maintain my weight without tracking. A- This system actually worked pretty well, and I didn't count a single calorie!  As part of my morning routine, I weigh myself daily using a Fitbit Aria scale.  I can't say enough about how much I love this scale - it measures body fat and weight, and automatically uploads your results to you Fitbit account/app.  I never have to remember the number after I weigh.  It's great!

As I saw the number get above the 4-pound buffer zone I set (which it did a couple of times), I had a "trim" few days.  As I learned, it was usually water weight after too much junk food in a weekend, and usually came off pretty easily with a few days of healthy eating and lots of water.  I'm now up around 2 pounds from the beginning of the month.  Not as great as I'd like, but as of this weigh-on, it is a Monday (and I didn't eat all that well this weekend), so I'm thinking that extra little bit will come off easily this week as long as I watch it.  And, most importantly, I stayed in the buffer zone!

2. Finish cleaning out our storage unit. A This is finished as of yesterday morning...we cleaned the last little bit out and took the locks off!  We're still sorting through where to put a few things in our house (or whether or not to get rid of them), so still a little bit of work...but we freed up that little bit of the budget each month and accounted for a lot of things we had totally forgotten about.

3. Cut $50 off grocery budget while still prioritizing the use of healthy/fresh foods. B I'll say I did this, but only because I dipped into the gift card stash to do it.  Without gift cards, I would have been about $65 over. So not great...there's some room to improve.

4. Slim down the restaurant budget this month. A+ I think we did a great job with this one.  We scaled back the number of times we ate out and used gift cards when at all possible.  We get a ton of restaurant gift cards by using the Viggle app, so it wasn't much of an issue to live off of those.  We were actually $60 under in this department!

5. At least 3 days a week, work out or clean for 30 minutes before sitting down at nap time. C I did pretty well with this one the first week or two of May; then school was out.  I feel like each nap time since then has been a mad scramble to get everything I could done, so working out kind of went out the window.  I'd say I did clean a couple of days a week for the first 30 minutes, but I wasn't really setting the timer and making myself do it for at least that long.

Alright, here's what I'm hoping to do in June!

1.  Stay under our set overall budget for June.  I want to get more "big picture" with analyzing our monthly home budget.  I've done a good job of setting the individual sections over the past few months; but, this month, I want to make sure I can stay under the overall dollar sign I set for us.

2.  Work out at least 4 times during school and 4 times at home. This might be kind of lofty because of a vacation this month, but I'm hoping to achieve it!  Emmie is doing summer preschool starting tomorrow, so I'll have 2 mornings a week to at least get in 1 workout.  The other one can easily be done during nap time one day a week.

3.  Find a place for the rest of the "junk" in the house. Like I mentioned, we do still have a few things that just haven't found a place in our house from consolidating the storage room.  We're close (thankfully, we're not swimming in boxes like we were at the beginning of the month), but not quite there.  By the end of the month, I want to see no boxes/random junk when I walk through our house!

4.  Stick with fresh/unprocessed ingredients for most meals.  I am still cooking leaps and bounds healthier than I was a year ago, but I've let a few processed things slip back into the cooking routine.  I'd like to cut most of those out this month.  I'm not saying I won't use anything unhealthy...that's just not realistic.  Rather, I'd like to make it a goal to cook with unprocessed ingredients maybe 4 out of 5 meals a week.

5.  Start asking "do we need this?" before each purchase.  This is something I kind of do already, but I want to make it a point to ask this question before each and every purchase this month.  If there is any way I can use the items we already have to replace that purchase, I will do it.  I think this is going to get our budget in shape more than anything else I can do.

Happy June, everybody!