Monday, May 25, 2015

50 (Teacher-Approved) End-of-the-Year Gift Ideas

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I'm sure many of you (if you haven't been already) are on the hunt for the perfect end-of-the-year teacher gift idea.  I was once on the other end of this - the gift receiver.  Of course I loved every gift...I really do mean that, because it meant that family took time out of their schedule and money out of their budget to show that they were thinking of me.  Each and every gift really was special!

But, there were a few gifts that stood out.  A few that every other teacher was just a little envious of.  Below, I've got 50 ideas that are both practical and fun for so many types of teachers...gardeners, foodies, beach lovers, and everyday men/women (because, remember, they are people too who have interests outside of school!).

50 Teacher-Approved End of the Year Gift Ideas || Practical fun gifts for teacher || gift cards || Student || Simple || Products

1. Starbucks Gift Card (cute printable tag here)
2. Nail Polish Set (cute printable tag here)
3. Pedicure Gift Certificate
4. Restaurant Gift Card
5. Beach Towel
6. Thermal Coffee Mug
7. Insulated Tumbler with Straw
8. Shower Gel Set
9. Magazine Subscription
10. Massage Gift Card
11. Amazon Gift Card
12. Gift Card to School Supply Store
13. Jamberry Nail Set
14. Thermal Insulated Lunch Bag
15. Clipboard
16. Personalized Notepad
17. International Gourmet Candy Set
18. Beach Bag
19. Flowers
20. Key Chain
21. Target Gift Card (cute printable here)
22. Perfume Gift Set
23. Set of Italian Herb Plants
24. Sharpies
25. Hand Soap/Santizier
26. Desk Organizer
27. Lip Balm (cute printable tag here)
28. iTunes gift card (cute printable tag here)
29. Freezeable Cups
30. Coffee Mug Holder Clip
31. School Supply Cake
32. Spa in a Jar
33. Badge Holders
34. Hand Cream Set
35. Movie Theater Gift Card
36. Student Photo Book
37. Personalized Cutting Board
38. Monthly Beauty Box Subscription
39. Book Store Gift Card
40. Phone Speaker
41. Garden Tool Set
42. Necklace
43. Coffee Mug Personalized by Student
44. Bath Bombs
45. Scented Wax Cubes & Warmer
46. Reusable Water Bottle
47. Wallet/Clutch
48. Monogrammed Baseball Hat
49. Pedometer
50. Jump Drive Key Chain

Here's to a fun summer for teachers, parents, and students!