Friday, April 24, 2015

Just Thursday

I feel like I haven't done a "Day in the Life" post in awhile.  I don't think our schedule has changed too much since the last one I wrote, but I still like to document these boring, normal days every once in awhile.  I already love looking back and seeing what our lives were like!

Here's a peek into our Thursday.

7:45 - I wake up.  I've said a thousand times that I am a total night owl/anti-morning person, so I try to get as much as possible done the night before, because I'm more than likely going to wake up at the last possible minute.  If Emma Ramey is still asleep, I usually give myself 10-15 minutes to check email and social's just kind of my wake-up routine.  I get out of bed, brush my teeth/wash my face, and fix Emma Ramey's breakfast...eggs, grapes, and blueberry muffins.

8:10 - Emma Ramey is up and eating breakfast.  I fix a chocolate & peanut butter smoothie for breakfast (which I usually drink in the car).

8:30 - I get Emma Ramey dressed and we're out the door by 8:40.

9:00 - Drop Emma Ramey off at school.  She's super pumped because they have fire trucks visiting the school today!

9:05 - Emmie is at school, so I run a quick errand first...I had to return something for Noah.  He calls at about 9:15 to check in.  He happens to be at one of his branches that is right next to a Starbucks, so we meet for a quick (10 minute) coffee date.

I get my current favorite - iced no sugar caramel coffee with nonfat milk.  I am a former caramel macchiato addict, but there's are way cheaper and have less calories!

9:45 - I drop by a store to pick up an item I need for an upcoming review, then head home.

10:00 - This is kind of my "catch-all" time.  I usually like to work out (either Pure Barre or something on video at home) on Thursday mornings, but I cut our entire front and back yards the night before, so I skipped it today.  This morning, I tidied up the house some, finished a blog design install for a customer, checked emails, vacuumed the house, made beds, emptied the dishwasher, and worked on a recipe for a post next week.  This is one thing I love about my "job"'s always something different!

11:40 - I leave the house to pick up Emmie.

12:00 - Emmie's back!  She has to tell me all about the fire truck at school today (she was so excited that it had a tall ladder).  She has been begging for a snow cone from the shop next to her school all week, and I promised her one if she was a good girl at school.  She was, and I am a woman of my word!

She got the Elsa snow cone (of course).

12:30 - Noah had a closing at 2 and needed to kill some time before, so he had lunch with us today.  He had leftover pepper steak and rice, I had leftover spinach alfredo, and Emmie had her usual...peanut butter sandwich, banana, and pretzel sticks.

That were promptly made into a "birthday sandwich," as she called it.

1:00 - We had a little bit of playtime in her playroom.  We watched Sleeping Beauty, drew, and took her toy puppy to the doctor.

1:45 - We're in the process of moving our stored items from a rented storage unit to our house...and this is what my living room looked like.

Woof.  So I started putting some in our storage room while Emmie "helped."

2:00 - Emmie goes down for a nap.  I finish up moving the boxes and finish up the recipe I'm working on for next week.

These were supposed to be cake you can see, that didn't work out so well.

 So they became truffles.

You have to laugh at yourself sometimes.  And improvise.

I also worked on the post you're reading right now, worked through a few more emails, and work on a draft of a sponsored post due on Friday.

4:15 - I take a shower and get ready for the night.  It's honestly kind of rare for us not to be at home on a weeknight, but Noah and I had an event to go to that evening.  This is usually my dinner prep time.

After I'm ready, I get a couple of things cleaned around the house.

5:15 - Emmie is up from her nap.  (Yes, I am crazy lucky, my 3 year old takes a 3 hour nap every day.  I know it can't last forever, but I'm absolutely loving it while it does!)  She plays in the playroom while I dry my hair.

5:30 - We play for a few minutes in the playroom while we're waiting on the babysitter.

6:00 - Babysitter's here!  Noah walks in a few minutes after she got here to pick me up.  We talk for a few minutes, and we're headed out.

6:15 - Noah and I are at the annual CCA Banquet tonight.  It's always a fun time!  We have a few friends there with us, and there's music/silent auctions/dinner.

9:30 - My mother in law and I head to my house to relieve the babysitter (Noah stays behind to help clean up).  Emmie's already in bed when we get there, but woke up a few minutes after the babysitter left.  Normally I wouldn't be too thrilled about a 9:30 wake-up, but it was nice to get in a few snuggles!  She watches Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for a few minutes and went back to sleep.

After my mother-in-law left, I watched Grey's (I honestly don't watch it too much anymore, but social media freaked out about it and the peer pressure got me).  So, obviously, ugly cried my way through the episode.  That was brutal!  I also watched Scandal until Noah got home, then we headed to bed!

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