Monday, April 6, 2015

April 2015 Goals

This has been a weird month in the goals department.  I think there was just so much going on - we moved, Emmie's birthday, and Spring Break.  The goals just didn't have much of a chance.  I didn't accomplish everything I had hoped, but I stuck to what I could.

Here's a look back at March and what goals I was able to keep!

1.  Start (and stick to) Weight Watchers.  B: I started off strong in this department.  I was meticulously counting points for maybe the first two weeks, giving myself one day a week off (an absolute must for me).  But the past couple of weeks haven't been perfect by any means.  I'm hanging on by a thread, but I am still trying to stick to it, especially during the week.  I am happy to report that, of the 10 pounds I was trying to lose on the program, I only have about 2 more to go!  We'll see if that happens before the end of my 2 month limit (in about 2 weeks).

2.  Create a place for everything in our new home.  D: Lol, this one was just completely forgotten about.  I was able to organize closets and find a place for all of our clothing (we're in an older home, so the closets are we're having to get creative with some of our placement).  But besides that?  Not so much.

3.  Sell/donate items that we don't need, but that somebody else could use. F: Just didn't happen.  I still have the clothing set aside that we need to get rid of, but I haven't done a thing with it.  And I'd love to go through our storage unit next month and get that cleaned out...but not a bit of that happened.

4.  Try to shop weekly this month.  A: I actually was able to stick to this one.  I don't think I was a big fan - it's just easier for me to shop bi-weekly for 2 weeks worth of food (and I think it's cheaper for me to do it that way too).

5.  If we must eat at a restaurant, only use gift cards.  B: We did a pretty good job of this one.  Looking back at what we spent on restaurants this month, there really isn't much.  Noah and I did celebrate Valentine's Day on March 14th (we decided to do it this way, because we were right in the middle of moving and Noah was sick on the real one), and we went to a non-gift card restaurant that night.  But besides that and a couple of small fast food stops, we did it!

So here's hoping that next month goes a little bit better.  Here's what I'll try to accomplish in April!

1.  Eight workouts.  Plain and out 8 times this month.  That isn't that bad.  That's twice a week...I can definitely handle that, especially since we don't really have too much going on in April.  I've gotten into a Zumba class while Emmie's at school that I love, and I'm still doing Pure Barre off an on (when my muscles can handle it :)).  I'd like to make it a mini goal to try a new class this month!

2.  Get rid of unused items in our house.  I'm putting this one back on the list this month because it's something I really need to make a priority.  Donate, sell, throw away, whatever it takes...the clutter needs to go.

3.  Clean out our storage unit.  This one might be a little lofty, but it's necessary.  We need to find a place for everything (whether it is the attic, storage room, or actual house) for everything in our storage unit.  There's just no point in paying that rental fee every month when we have the space now.

4.  Make a food budget for the month and stick to it.  The grocery bill just kind of went haywire last month, and I want to reel it back in a little bit.  I'm probably going to go back to our bi-weekly grocery shopping, and if possible, I'd like to make a realistic budget for the month and stay under that number.  Same for restaurant food...I'm not going to say we need to stick to strictly gift cards this month, but I'd like to make that restaurant budget pretty low, since we still do have some gift cards to use.  That's an area that I feel has lots of wiggle room in our budget, so I'd like to wiggle it down to the lowest number possible!

5.  No buying clothes.  Y'all, Smocking Hot Mamas on Facebook is going to be the death of me.  I guess it's Facebook's new algorithm, but once you comment/like something from that page, it all shows up in your news feed.  Every last stinkin' cute piece of clothing.  After that and consignment sales, there's really no need for clothing this month.  I might get Emmie one more pair of shoes, but that's it.  If you ignore the outfit I bought Wednesday night...we'll just ignore that one for this goal. :)

Hope you all have a successful and productive April!