Tuesday, March 17, 2015

What's Going On, Lamberts?

We've had a great few weeks...I wanted to share a few of our happenings!


 I know I put up a couple of pictures on Instagram, but I don't think I've officially talked about our new house on here.  We are loving it!  I know I mentioned that's in an older area of town, but it was completely renovated shortly after Katrina.  We kind of get the best of both worlds...in the middle of everything, Noah gets his older neighborhood, I get my renovated home.  I'll try to get a full home tour up soon.  We're settling in nicely though...it's so nice to kind of spread out after living in an apartment for a year.

-Spring Break-

I'd like to report that we had an eventful Spring Break...not so much.  It was just rainy and gloomy the whole week, so we didn't get to get out and do the things I had planned.

We did catch our library's story time, which we normally miss because of school.  We've missed going to that!

But mostly, a lot of pajama play time in the house.  Even though the weather didn't cooperate, it was kind of a nice change of pace.  But this has me very tempted to book a trip for next spring break. :)


We had the opportunity to be in the St. Patrick's Day parade this past weekend!

I think we were all surprised at how much fun we had...it really was a blast.  Of course, I think we all know how had the most fun...

Want to blow a 3 year old's mind?  Let them throw handfuls of candy at people.

That night, we went to the Irish American Fest.  This was our second year to do it...it really is so fun. Good Irish/Italian food (and good Egg Rolls too, for some reason), lots of games for kids, and you get to watch the local priest run a race and keep his beer mug full at the same time.  Can't beat that.

-birthday planning-

Somebody's 3rd birthday is just around the corner (what?!?).  Birthday party planning is in full swing!  Here's a sneak peek...Emmie picked the theme (and was pretty adamant about this theme) all by herself.


How great is this weather?  Lots of trips to the park are in our future.  I don't know about you, but yesterday put me in the mood to hit the pool!

Just let me fit in a couple dozen workouts before we go. :)

Happy Tuesday friends!