Monday, March 23, 2015

Visiting the Bunny

One of those things nobody tells you when you become a mom: visiting Santa and The Easter Bunny is rough for the first couple of years.

They scream.  They cry.  They sit in elves laps and force Santa to sneak up behind like a creeper for a picture.

But then, there's just this magical age where they kind of get it.  As opposed to last year, Emma Ramey is now there...and, another one of those things that nobody tells is so much fun.

We visited the big furry guy a few days ago, and she had the time of her life!  Before we got there, we asked her what she wanted from the Easter bunny: a Tinkerbell, candy, and a super girl costume.  And it hasn't changed one single bit in the 50 times she's been asked ever since.  (Not to be confused with what she wants for her birthday: a puppy sound machine, a puppy book, and a puppy toy.  Every. Single. Time.)

She cheesed, and smiled, and hammed the whole time.  I was a little shocked, but so happy she enjoyed it.

I love this age so, so much!  I really do wish we could freeze her here.