Friday, March 13, 2015

A Few of My Favorite Things...

In the past few weeks, I've stumbled on a few new things that I just love!

-Sally Hansen Salon Pro Gel Starter Kit - I was so excited to finally get this, and it didn't disappoint!  I have never had an at-home manicure look so glossy, even, smooth, and just downright professional.  And I stink at applying my own nail polish.  Plus, I've put my nails through three hard days of wear and there's zero sign of chips (the manicure is supposed to last around 2 weeks - I'll report back on the results).  The system is a little bit of an investment, but if you're already shelling out money on manicures anyway, you will save so much money in the long run.  Trust me on this one - if you're a gel manicure fan, get it.  You won't regret it! (I got the "Shell We Dance" looks pinker, almost like Ballet Slippers from Essie on the box, but I'd call it more of a nude/peach.  Still pretty, just know it's not the same.  And, this is available all over the place, but Amazon has the cheapest price I could find.)

-Brew & Save Reusable K-Cups - One of my biggest complaints with the Keurig 2.0 is that it wouldn't take our old Reusable K-Cups.  These are a huge money saver when using the Keurig and they're so much more eco-friendly.  Well, they've finally started rolling out reusable versions that are compatible with the 2.0!  We recently purchased these...they're the least expensive on Amazon, BPA free, and work wonderfully.

-Not Your Mother's Clean Freak Dry Shampoo - When you have dark hair, it can be kind of a pain to find a dry shampoo that doesn't make your roots look grey.  This one is fairly inexpensive and, as long as you massage it into your hair well, doesn't leave that weird grey coloring.  This is a daily must for me.

-Coconut Oil - This is all the rage as a moisturizer right now, so I jumped right on the bandwagon.  I know it's a little strange, and I've used moisturizers in the past that I've loved, but I'm telling you...this makes me want to throw out all of the other lotions I own.  It is incredible.  I have eczema, so it's hard to find something that's effective.  This has just about cleared up any eczema flare-ups I have in just a week. And it's really not that expensive when you compare it to the price of lotions!  A word of caution: I use it before bedtime, because it does make you a little greasy after use.  But by the morning, you'll have the softest skin ever...and it smells good too!

-Olay Pro X Advanced Cleansing System - Ok, I've wanted a Clarisonic Mia for months now, but I just can't justify spending that kind of money on myself.  After stumbling on an article about this one night, I ordered it, and I couldn't be happier!  It does the job of the Clarisonic at about a fifth of the price.  I'm very happy with it. (FYI - if you order off of Amazon, there is also a $3 coupon you can clip to save even more.)

-Fitbit Charge HR - Last week, I found an amazing deal on one of these, and I'm so happy with it!  Many of you know that I had a Fitbit Flex before this one (for about a year), and I really loved it.  If you're debating between the two, I'd go with this's not much more expensive, and it offers so many more features (watch built-in, heart rate monitor, ability to check your stats from your wrist).  It is a little bulkier, but not really enough to notice.

-Farm Apple Pumpkin - I couldn't find a picture of this because I'm pretty sure it's out of season, but this might very well be my favorite of the Better Homes and Gardens Wax Cubes.  It has the most amazing, sweet, fruity smell.  Perfect for fall, but I like this one year-round.  I stocked up when I found them at Walmart a few months ago...if you find them, buy them, because they're hard to find!

-Vegetti - I. Love. This.  Love it!  It is a super easy way to make "pasta" out of zucchini or squash.  You literally just turn the veggie in circles.  So easy.  If you're looking for a way to sneak some veggies into meals, this is perfect!  Once I make the pasta out of zucchini, I just sauté it in a teeny amount of olive oil for a minute or two.

-eMeals Paula Dean Plan - One of my goals for this month was to really stick to an eMeals plan that was Weight Watchers-friendly.  We've tried the portion control one for a couple of weeks, and just honestly haven't loved it.  I just noticed Wednesday that eMeals has a Paula Deen plan now.  Yes,  I'm going from one end of the spectrum to another. :) But I want to try to use the healthier recipes every week from this one.  I've never had a Paula recipe I didn't love, and these look so, so good!

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