Monday, March 30, 2015

3 Years


Last week was your third birthday!  I absolutely cannot believe how fast the past three years have gone.  I miss those baby days so much sometimes.  But, I absolutely love the little girl you're becoming.  Daddy and I were sitting at the dinner table watching you play a few night ago, and we both wondered whether or not we could just freeze you at this age.  You're so imaginative, so funny, so creative, and so sweet.  You are everything we ever dreamed of.

Here's what you're doing at 3 years old!


At your appointment Friday, you weighed 40.2 pounds.  That's above the 95th percentile for weight.


You were 40" tall as of Friday.  That's right at the 95th percentile!

Clothing Size:

We're slowly but surely packing away the 3t clothes.  Some still fit, but most don't now.  Everything we buy is 4t, and that fits you pretty comfortably now.  And you're in a size 10/11 shoe!


Still only during naps and at night.  You wear a size 5 when you do wear one right now.


You are still such a grazer.  I'm pretty sure you would just snack all day if I let you!  You are a huge fan of fruits and veggies.  Strawberries, bananas, grapes, and broccoli are your favorites.  You are also a huge cheese fan (you get that one honestly).  Of course, the typical toddler foods (chicken nuggets, hot dogs, crackers) are big hits too!


Still very blonde hair!  It's slightly darker at the top, but I think that might just be because we haven't been outside as much during the winter.  And gorgeous blue eyes...I think those are sticking around. :)


When we moved into our new house, you started sleeping in a big girl bed!  It's been a fairly easy transition.  Still waking up during the night (maybe once or twice a week), but nothing terrible considering we moved and changed your bed at the same time.

You sleep from 8pm to 7-8am, and you still take a 2-3 hour nap most afternoons.  We're hoping this schedule stays this way for awhile!

Fun Stuff:

I thought I'd change this one up a little bit this time. I asked you a few questions last were your responses!  We'll see how these change over the years.

What makes you happy? My Mickey Chair (what she was looking at when I asked)

What makes you sad? When I ask mommy for a night night toy

What makes you laugh? Happy toys

How old are you? 3

How old is mommy? 3

How old is daddy? 3

What’s your favorite thing to do? Laugh

What do you want to be when you grow up? Turn on the lights

What are you really good at? Running

What are you not really good at? Jumping

What’s your favorite food? Chicken

What’s your favorite song? My rainbow

What does daddy do for work? Come home

Where do you live? Mississippi

What’s your favorite toy? Books

What’s something daddy always says to you? I’m going to work

What’s something mommy always says to you? I want to hug you

Who is your best friend? Avery

What did we do today? Go to the doctor

What do you want for your birthday next year? Presents! (What kind of presents?) Ones I don’t have.

Where’s your favorite place to go? To my kitchen