Friday, February 6, 2015

What I'm Loving...

...this girl's love of having her picture taken.

Emma Ramey is going through a stage where she thinks I have to take a picture of her each morning. I'll admit, it can be kind of inconvenient when we're already 10 minutes late for school, but I'm glad she wants it - she won't always cooperate for pictures, and it's kind of fun to have an account of these everyday kind of days.

I've started using multiple frames for them to document the fact that she just. won't stand. still.  She is always on the move!

For today's "picshuh," Minnie had to be with her.  Such a ham. :)

...dollar hair accessories.

The Dollar Tree (yes, of all places) has kind of been on point with random, fun hair accessories lately!  I had a stomach bug last week, and Noah & Emmie ran some errands while I rested at home.  They came home with this - I've been wanting to try one, but I refused to pay $20 for a piece of plastic.

Honestly?  I wouldn't pay more than a dollar for it.  It added a little bit of "oomph" to my hair when I used this to actually dry it from totally wet, but did nothing when I tried to use it on dry hair.  Live and learn - and I'll still take it for a dollar!

This was also a Dollar Tree find - and I would totally buy it at full price!  It worked wonderfully and was so easy to put in.

See?  That maybe took 3 minutes.  Great buy at full price, much less a dollar!

Here's the Hot Buns on Amazon if you can't find it at your Dollar Store.  Definitely still worth it!

...finding a house!

I am happy to report that we officially have a house for the next year!  It's in an older area of town...Noah's always loved the houses there, and I figure that if we're building next year, he's never going to have an opportunity to live there again, so why not?  Plus, this puts us really centrally located between Emmie's school, Noah's job, and our church (and it's convenient to lots of places in town).  The house is a little older but has been completely renovated.  It has a playroom (can I get an amen?) and a big backyard for Emma Ramey and Hardy.  Really exactly what we need right now!

We should be moving the last week of February, and officially living there by the 1st of March.  We're all excited!

...updating our bedding.

Ok, y'all.  Our bedding is sad.  We still have the same set we've had for years, and it is literally falling apart.  The comforter had an unfortunate incident with the washer a few weeks ago and there is stuffing falling out of the sides.  It looks pathetic.

So, I told Noah that he's buying me new bedding for Valentine's Day. :) I'm going to be making some of the pillows, but I leave the bigger stuff to the professionals. Here are a few pieces I've already ordered or will be ordering this weekend!

1 2 3

I can't wait to see how everything comes together!

We're also converting Emma Ramey's bed to a "big girl" bed when we move, so I've been planning that too.  Her only request was that some of it was green, so that I can handle.  Here's what I've got so far on that!

1 2 3 4

(Still looking for #4...Pottery Barn discontinued it, but I'm holding out hope eBay will come to the rescue!  And just FYI - if you're looking for something like those Euro Shams, Pottery Barn Kids has the blue and green ones for an absolute steal right now.)

It's coming together so completely different than I thought it would...I've always thought we'd do something similar to her baby bedding for her big girl room. But this is so her and I love this so much more because of that!

...everything avocado.

I got a little bit of a good surprise when I walked into Walmart yesterday morning.  I honestly thought this was a mistake at first, but no...avocados were a quarter each this week!  I've never seen them anywhere near that cheap, so I bought 11. :) I'm currently trying to figure out what the heck I'm going to do with 11 avocados...the frontrunner is avocado toast every day for lunch.  I'm not complaining, I'm an avocado nut!

Several other girls on Instagram said they had similar deals in their area, so you might want to check your local store if you're an avocado lover like me!

...feeling the burn.

I say this every time...once I get in the habit of working out, I love it.  But only once I get in the habit; otherwise, I absolutely dread it.

Pure Barre kicks my booty in the best way possible, but I haven't really been seeing the weight loss I'd like.  So once this month is up, I think I might switch to just going once a week, and incorporating more cardio to replace it.  We have to join a gym instead of having one on site after this month (the ultimate in first world problems...), but we've been scouting out and there are several nice and relatively inexpensive ones near our new house.  I need to get back into a few classes too...once again, if I make myself go, I actually really like them!

...Mardi Gras!

This little area of the world is so, so much fun during Mardi Gras!  The celebrations around here are really fun and family-friendly.  We're headed to a parade tomorrow with friends, and we've thought about going to one of the daytime parades in New Orleans in the next couple of weeks.

Not to mention King Cake.  Oh, how I love king cake. Which is why it's necessary for me to get in that cardio mentioned in the previous point. :)

Happy weekend friends!!