Friday, February 27, 2015

My Favorite Kitchen Essentials

As we're packing up the house and getting rid of items we don't use anymore, I've really been thinking about what I actually need in the kitchen (vs. all of the stuff that is never used and takes up space).  We've paired down some of our items, but the ones I've listed below have become absolute staples in my kitchen essential collection!

Of course I have other items that I still use and love, but I use all of these products the most and, if I had the whole wedding registry thing to do all over again, these are the items I would most recommend.

Great list of kitchen items if you're planning a wedding registry!

Kitchen Aid Non-Slip Cutting Boards - I think, of anything that Noah and I put on our registry when we got married, this is the item that I've used the most.  These are incredibly durable and no-slip, which is just a must in my opinion.

Easy Grip Apple Slicer - You wouldn't think you'd get too much use out of this one, but you'd be surprised how much it is needed!  We use ours at least a few times a week, especially with Emma Ramey around.  It makes slicing apples so easy!

Kitchen Aid Classic Mixing Bowls - This is another absolute favorite from our wedding registry.  They are my go-to when I need a larger bowl around the kitchen.  Not super expensive, and they're pretty durable!

Ninja Pulse Blender - This is one of our newer kitchen additions, but it has definitely become one of the most used items.  It will blend anything.  An.E.Thing.  We had the basic model for years and just upgraded at Christmas.  Highly recommended if you like smoothies or shakes!

Rubbermaid 42-Piece Easy Find Lid Storage Set - No kidding, we probably use these at least once a day around here.  For the price, they've really held up amazingly well, and they come in a ton of sizes.  I'm just now replacing the set we've had for several years. There was a version that wasn't as well-made not long ago that I wouldn't recommend, but the version I have linked above appears to be the ones we love so much.

Soda Stream - This might be one that some people don't find very useful, but I love ours!  I have really tried to drink more water this year, and this gadget has helped so much with that.  There are so many different flavors and options available that end up being much cheaper than buying pre-made sodas!  You also have the option of using natural flavorings, and I've even used powdered Crystal Light-type mixes before.

Silicone Spatula Set - Rachael Ray is actually the person I can credit with this find.  These are so versatile in the kitchen.  They will scrape food of the sides of a pan/bowl so easily and they are so durable in any temperature of food!

Ronco Knife Set - We've had this set for my opinion, the best knives you can find for the price.  They stay sharp and really suit what I need as just an everyday cook for my family.  Nothing fancy, but if you're not a professional chef, these will do!

KitchenAid Tool and Gadget Set - Another favorite from our wedding registry.  If you cook at all, you will need these items!  They're really well-made too.

Keurig 2.0 - I'll be honest here: while we do use this every day, we kind of like the older Keurig model more.  This one is a little fussy (you have to have approved K-cups, you have to hold down the button when dispensing water for tea, etc.), but if you're looking for a model with all of the bells and whistles, this is it!  And it is much prettier than the older model. :)

Pyrex Set - This is one that all of the older ladies will tell you "has" to be on your registry - and you really will need it honestly.  I use this and my Corningware set almost every time I cook.  They last forever as long as you're careful!

Toaster Oven - This is one of my favorite kitchen "hacks!" Instead of warming up your whole oven just to cook one dish, use this instead and save on that energy bill.  The one we have has a temperature and timer control, as well as bake & toast options.  Yes, it takes up a little bit of space on your counter, but it's worth it in my opinion.

Any other gadgets I'm missing?