Monday, February 23, 2015

Life Catch-Up

Hi friends.  Still here, promise.  But has been a doozie the past week or two.

Valentine's week really was a lot of fun.  Emmie was a huge fan of Valentine's Day (and yes, she's still requesting a "picshuh" every morning...see gallery above).  She loved getting Valentines and telling us "Happy Balemtimes Day!" about a hundred times (even up until last week).  

This girl's always up for a party, and her school "Balemtimes" party was no exception!

Our Valentine's morning started out great...I woke up to doughnuts, Starbucks, and a balloon from my two loves.

Oh...but then, the fun started. :) I officially kicked off our 2015 move that afternoon.  Do you know how quickly moving snowballs when you start digging through all of the crap unused items you've forgotten about?  It's out of control y'all.  We're really making it a priority to scale down with this move.  I spent a good chunk of last Saturday throwing out and organizing.  I want to get off to a great start with this house!

See those feet to the left of the picture? Those belong to my husband, who we were pretty sure had the flu as of Saturday afternoon.  He had the whole nine yards - fever, chills, aches, cough.  And it came on so quickly.  But, amazingly, he recovered just as quickly as he got sick...thank goodness!

Noah had President's day off, so we spent it really trying to organize/purge/pack...but then we got the call that his grandmother had passed away.  That changed our week pretty quickly. We headed to Clanton, AL Wednesday night to be with his family.  We were there until Friday morning.

If anything good came of the situation, it was that my parents got to keep Emma Ramey for the weekend (we travel through Tuscaloosa to get to Clanton).  She stayed with them from Friday through Sunday.  We got a change to purge a ton of junk (8 trash bags full!) and get a little bit of packing done.

We picked up our keys to the new place this weekend!  We move in next weekend, though we'll start moving things in later in the week.  I am beyond excited!

So we're here...not very interesting or glamorous right now, but we're here. :) I'm hoping to show off the new digs soon...I've got a few little things to buy/make, but I'm loving how it's coming together.  I keep saying that one day life is going to slow down enough to fit in everything I want to do in a day.  I've been saying that for two years now. :)