Friday, January 9, 2015

I'm Currently Loving...

-cooking with Emmie.

Emma got an Easy Bake Oven for Christmas, and we've been getting some good use out of it! :)  So far, we've made cupcakes, Oreo Balls (that were actually pretty good!), and a Red Velvet/Strawberry layer cake.  I remember having one of these as a little girl and just loving it...I'm so happy she loves it too!

She's really started to show a lot of interest in helping me in the kitchen since we've been using it.  She helped me make biscuits last night...can you guess which one she shaped?

-the Wet Brush.

My parents got me a Wet Brush for Christmas, and it totally lives up to all of the hype.  Guys, I'm obsessed.  It completely smoothes out my tangly/thin hair with zero detangler after I shower.  Even Noah (who is not the type to gush over products) told me it was the best hair product he had ever used.  In love!

-my Soda Stream.

I've had our Soda Stream for about a year, but the CO2 canister ran out a few months ago.  I just refilled this week, and I forgot how much I love this thing!  I've been buying the syrups as I've seen them on sale, and I'm finally getting to use them.  I'm really trying to up my water intake, and this helps so much.  My current favorites are the Natural Grapefruit, Energy Drink, and the Diet Cranberry/Raspberry.

-avocado on toast.

Ok, so I've seen a billion people talk about eating this on Instagram, so I jumped on the bandwagon today.  It's such a super easy lunch and it is so good!  I just smashed a little bit of avocado on well-done toast, sprinkled with lime juice, salt, and red pepper flakes, and added a little bit of tomato (that, pat on the back, I grew myself).  Such a great, healthy lunch option!

-the Ninja Pulse.

We've had a smaller Ninja blender for forever and I've always loved it.  I got Noah a Ninja Pulse for Christmas because he's been really into smoothies lately.  Well, this thing might convert me to a smoothie drinker too.  It's awesome!  We haven't found something that it won't blend.  If you've wanted a Vitamix but haven't wanted to commit to the price, this is a great option!

-being healthy.

Amen for that!  Knock on wood...I think we've finally broken this sickness funk that we've all been in for the past few weeks.

Noah's cough is so much better...thank you to everybody who left sweet messages and checked on him!  We were really worried that Emmie was coming down with something earlier this week.  Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, she woke up at about 11pm and was up almost every hour after that.  Y'all, I haven't done the newborn schedule in was rough.  Emmie might have convinced us to hold off on that second baby a little bit longer. :) We think she might have been having a growth spurt; she was complaining of her legs hurting.  Noah was able to convince her to take some Tylenol at maybe 4-5 am, and she slept after that.  But thankfully, she woke up the next morning acting totally normal...her parents were zombies, but she was good! :)

There's a little bit of coughing still going on, but I think we finally broke the sickness streak...let's hope it stays away!

-Emmie's princess stage.

I'm one of those parents that doesn't really force girly toys/movies on Emmie just because she's a girl...I kind of like to let her do her own thing.  But she is totally in a princess stage right now and I sort of love it!

She got a huge princess castle for Christmas, and we've been playing with it a ton.  She is constantly talking about her favorites...currently "Punzel" and "Cindella."  She was invited to a princess birthday party this weekend, so of course, she had to wear her princess dress all day today.  Her imagination is really taking's so fun to watch!

-Celestial Seasoning's Cinnamon Apple Spice Tea.

This is less something I love and more of an addiction.  I have to (HAVE TO) have a cup of this tea every night before I go to bed.  #OldLadyAlert

It's got a little bit of apple flavor, but it's a lot of cinnamon.  It's so perfect on a cold night!  It honestly doesn't taste a whole lot like tea, more like apple cider.  I am now on my second box in like a month.  I'm hoping it isn't a seasonal thing, because I need to stock up if it is!

-Better Homes & Gardens Red Wood Pomegranate wax cubes.

To be honest, I wasn't sure if I would like this scent.  I picked up a pack when I was doing my grocery shopping yesterday.  But it has the most amazing, subtle smell...kind of like a fruity version of a cedar-lined box, if that makes sense.  It a really great one for winter.

-that it's Friday.

Another amen!  We've got a weekend full of cleaning out, organizing, and (hopefully) selling a few cars...I'm really trying to stick to those 2015 goals!

Happy weekend everybody!