Friday, December 19, 2014

Five on Friday

Ok, who out there feels like this week was a total blur?  Maybe it's because this was Emmie's last week of school (so I had to cram everything left on my to do list into three days), but man...where did this week go?

Here's what's been going on in our little world...


Christmas cards are finally in!  The goal is to have them all in the mail today...we'll see if that happens.  This is by far the longest it's ever taken me to get them out.  I'm usually a stickler for having them out by the beginning of December.  But, life happened this year.  I'm calling it a win if everybody has them before Christmas. :)

Here's a sneaky peeky!  I'll put the full one up next week once most everybody has them.


Yesterday started off great.  I had all of my presents bought and under the tree...

...went to Emmie's class Christmas party...

...and then had a fender bender on the way home. Boo.  Everybody's fine, and that's definitely what is most important.  Let me tell you, Emma Ramey Lambert got a couple of extra hugs yesterday.  But man it stings to pay that insurance deductible right now (not that I'm not thankful for insurance - they've saved our butts this year).  I'm also very thankful I have a father-in-law that works in insurance (and happens to work about a half mile from where we had the accident, so he was able to meet me there).

So that was my day yesterday.  I rewarded myself with a big ol' fat doughnut during nap time.


So I didn't know this existed until this week.

HELLO, LOVER.  It's called Naked on the Run - basically a little travel-sized set of Urban Decay's Naked products.  How did I not know about this?  I'm a self-diagnosed Naked junkie.  It makes up most of my makeup right now.  So I think I need this.  Hint hint.


We met the big guy last weekend!  Our plan was to go to Biloxi to one of the big casinos to meet him.  Yes, really...a casino.  They have the absolute best Christmas decorations and a great Santa.  Really!  It sounds weird but I promise it's a big thing.

But, we got there and the line was hours (HOURS) long.  We wouldn't have made it without a major meltdown from Emmie.  So, we decided to look at the decorations, go see the beach for a little bit, and head home and see him at one of our downtown events this weekend.  We got to meet him with no wait!  Emmie drew him a picture and just couldn't stop smiling - it was so cute.

Have I mentioned how much I love having a child this age at Christmas?  It's just the best - everything is still new and fun to her, but she's old enough to really get it this year.  I kind of want to freeze her at this stage forever.  Up until she has one of those 15-minute come aparts like she did yesterday afternoon.  Yowza.  But besides that, it's fun! ;)


Noah and I are fresh out of shows to watch.  Seriously, I think we've watched every good show out there.  So, in anticipation of House of Cards coming back in a couple of months, we decided to rewatch it and Orange is the New Black.

And I totally forgot what a total time suck both of them are.  They're not kidding when they labeled it "binge watching" - I could seriously stay up all night watching them sometimes.  We have to make ourselves turn off the TV most nights.  So good!  I'd highly recommend them if you need a show to watch right now.


One more week until Christmas...ahh!! Hang on to your hats, parents! :)