Monday, December 15, 2014

Favorite Things 2014

For the past couple of years, I've written a Favorite Things post (2013, 2012) to show my favorite finds of the year.  And to be honest?  Finding these things has turned into a favorite hobby of mine.  All throughout they year, as I find something, I pin it on Pinterest to save for this post.  I always like reading about cool new gadgets on other blogs, so I hope y'all love this post as much as I love making it!

Affiliate links used in this post.

Starbucks Made Greener Coffee Refill Tumbler, 16oz - If you or somebody you love is a Starbucks frequent flyer, this is absolutely perfect for Christmas.  Buy this tumbler now and you get a free grande-sized refill of coffee every day in January. It's a $30 investment, but would pay off if you go to Starbucks a lot!

Makeup Eraser Cloth - I absolutely love this product and really want one.  This is a makeup remover cloth that doesn't require any kind of soap or chemicals to remove your makeup, even mascara.  It claims you can use it around 1,000 times and always come clean when washed out with water.  So cool!

Conair Dual Jet Bath Spa - This is great if you're in a short-term home or don't want to put the effort into changing a bathtub to a jetted tub.  Just hook this up to the side of a tub and it automatically turns it into a jetted spa!

EatSmart Precision Get Fit Digital Body Fat Scale - Ok, I totally didn't know this existed until I was researching scales lately, but now I need one.  Not only does this scale measure weight, but it also uses electromagnetic technology to measure your body fat percentage, water retention, muscle mass, and bone mass.  Isn't that awesome?  The reviews on Amazon say it's really accurate too!

Eye Vac Touchless Stationary Vacuum - This might be lazy or genius - I'm not sure which one.  Just sweep any trash into this vacuum and it automatically sucks it up - no need to use a dustpan!

All Ware Easy Pineapple Slicer and De-Corer - This might just be the least expensive item on the list, but one of my favorites.  It's a super easy way to decore and slice a pineapple.  It gives very little waste and makes the process so easy!  I love this one so much I've got it on my 101 Unique Stocking Stuffers for Women post too.

Host Freeze Cooling Wine Glass - Seriously...I should have thought of this one!  You put water in an outside reservoir of the glass and pop it in the freezer.  You'll have cold wine without the ice watering down anything!

Jesus. Coffee. Hustle. Repeat. Print - Aren't these adorable?  My friend Erin at By Erin Creative Company started selling these prints and I've seen them everywhere.  I have this one next to our desk at's a perfect little motivation print!

Click and Grow Smartpot Tomato Growing Kit - I guess I have a soft spot for those living in cramped quarters this year. :) If you're an apartment-dweller like myself, but still want to try your hand at gardening, this is great...all you do is put water in the reservoir and put batteries in the thing, and it does the rest!  They have lots of other growing options on Amazon too.

Redken Anti Snap Leave-In Treatment - This has to be my favorite hair product of all time.  It's a leave-in conditioner that I use every day if I have a bottle. It makes my stringy hair so soft and manageable...I have the most tangly hair ever if I don't use something, and this almost always knocks the tangliness (is that a word?) out!

Better Homes and Gardens Wax Cubes - Ok, I'm a broken record about these, I know...but they are by far the best scented wax cubes I've ever used, and they're pretty much the cheapest!  They keep a great scent for several days (and I'm a heavy user - I usually keep my warmers on for 10-12 hours a day).  There are a bajillion different scents too!

Zoku Quick Pop Maker - This would be so fun to do with kids!  You can pick your own flavors and make frozen pops (without electricity) in around 10 minutes.  They have a bigger version too, but the one linked above is a little smaller and more affordable.

Wet Brush - Another item that's definitely on my Christmas list this year.  This is a really inexpensive brush that quickly detangles wet hair.  Like I mentioned above, mine's a rat's nest if I don't give it some TLC, so I could get some major use out of this.  Everybody raves about it!