Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas Week, in Bullet Points

Oh, hey world.

Remember me?

I had every intention of doing a few blog posts to sum up the past week of our lives.  It's been a whirlwind, but for the most part, so much fun!  But, life happened (as it has a tendency to).  So, one choc-full-o-pictures post is going to have to do.

In the past week, we...
  • ...celebrated Christmas Eve with Noah's side of the family.  We opened presents Christmas Eve afternoon. 

  • Afterwards, we went to the Christmas Eve service at Noah's parents' church.
Where my child set her hair on fire.


The rest of Noah's family was sitting a couple of rows in front of us, but because of space, Noah and I were behind them a little bit.  During the candlelight part of the service, all of a sudden, everybody in Noah's family looked at Emma Ramey then immediately looked back at us with this terrified look.

That's when you know it's bad.

I met Noah's mom and Emma Ramey in the foyer and found out what happened.  She caught a stray candle right to the side of her head.  (Very, very) luckily, one of the men sitting next to her happened to be watching and put it out immediately...so only a little bit of singed hair.  Not a big deal in the long run (you can't even tell it's gone), and I'm sure I'll laugh about it someday.  But that'll freak a momma out.

Moving on from the hair on fire incident...

The girls put out cookies for Santa and Reindeer food and headed to bed.

Santa came!  He was pretty good to our girl this year.

  • ...were lazy most of Christmas day.  My favorite holidays are lazy ones. 

We were in our pajamas most of the day.  Emmie played with toys and we watched movies while she napped.
  • ....left Friday for Tuscaloosa.  We had a few things to get done Friday, and got the chance to get a little bit of after Christmas shopping done that day.
  • ...celebrated Christmas with my family Saturday.  We opened presents Saturday morning. 
 Again, the small person racked up.

We got a chance to see my Granny later that day!
  • ...headed home Sunday.  

Experimented with a new Easy Bake Oven.  Their red velvet cupcakes are surprisingly small and surprisingly good!
  • ...had Noah diagnosed with possible pneumonia on Monday.  They confirmed some kind of infection in his lungs, but couldn't say for sure if it was pneumonia because they didn't do a chest x-ray.  (I honestly don't know the difference between an infection and pneumonia.)  He has a terrible, hacking cough and just feels awful...and Noah's the kind of person that will suck it up and deal with it until he absolutely can't.  So he's on the mend with enough antibiotics to kill a small animal, and unfortunately, we're trying to sell our Sugar Bowl tickets now.
So see?  Just a little crazy.  But that's life I guess.  I hope y'all have had a fantastic holiday!