Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Random Picture Dump

We've had a busy couple of weeks!  I guess it's just that time of the year - I better get used to it from now until the end of the year.  But we've been busy with lots of fun things though...that makes being busy kind of nice, you know?

I have a random collection of pictures that don't really fit anywhere else, so I thought I'd just lump them all into this post.  Get ready for a whole lot of randomness!

This is a child that loves parades.  We went to our local college's homecoming parade a couple of weeks ago, and she learned (a little too) quickly that she needed to wave and smile to get the candy.  She even had the security guards next to us picking candy up for her.  Stinker.

Telling us all about it on the way to church one morning.  She had to wear her sunglasses because Mommy and Daddy had theirs on too.

After church that day, we made a quick trip to the zoo.  We have annual passes, so it's really easy for us to drop in for just a little bit.  Her favorite part is the train!

Cheering on her Crimson Tide on LSU Saturday!  We bought this for her last year and totally forgot about it until this weekend.  It's a good thing we had it - it was cold!

I walked around the corner one morning and they were both sitting like this.  Of course by the time I got my camera, they had both stopped, so I made them do it again and got this very staged version.  Of course.

Emmie currently has this thing: she gets her stool out of the bathroom, stands on it, proclaims she's the "Amazing Emmie" and does a magic trick for us.  I do not have the first clue where she picked this up, but it's pretty hilarious.

My girl had her first Thanksgiving party at school last week!  Her class got to dress up like native Americans for the party, and they made all of us the most delicious pumpkin pie (no really, it was awesome...I got the recipe!).

I'm sure one of these days we're both going to be smiling for a picture! ;)

Thank you for all of the sweet condolences for Noah's grandmother - they were all very appreciated!  We were in south Alabama all weekend to celebrate her life and spend time with family.  I guess if there's a silver lining, it's that we all got to be together for a few days and see cousins we don't normally see.  There are lots of littles running around on that side of the family...getting a picture of all of them was quite a task!

We got a little bit of bonus cousin time yesterday!  My child loves her cousin Avery (and we do too!).  

Hope y'all are having a fabulous Thanksgiving week!