Friday, November 7, 2014

Random Friday Notes

-My girl has had a big week this week!

She got her first school pictures back!  CAN Y'ALL EVEN???  I mean I know she's mine and I'm supposed to think she's cute, but really?  REALLY?  I can't get over it.

She also had her first school program last night!  So obviously this one was my first as a parent - and I never got how stinking cute these things were.  I think I smiled the whole time!  She did a great job - they did a little song with motions, and she showed her belly to the audience several times.  That's my girl.

-Noah also had a big week!  He sort of started a new job...he's still working for the same company, really doing the same thing, just in a different department.  It's a move he's been wanting to make for a few months now, so we're excited about it.  And the biggest change for our family - he's back to a normal 8 hour, Monday-Friday schedule (instead of the 10 hour, Monday-Thursday he's been working).  I'm absolutely loving it so far - it's nice to actually have a family dinner time again.  Ask me how I feel about it around 4:00 this afternoon though. :)

-Ok, y'all know I love finding ways to make money on my phone...for some reason it's just a fun hobby for me. Viggle's a big way I do it - and honestly, it hasn't been all that great in the past year or two. But they changed a lot this week and (for right now) it's really awesome!  I'm easily maxing out my points every day (which means $3-4 a day) doesn't sound like a lot, but it adds up!  Click here if you haven't joined and want to try it out - you'll get 1,000 points when you sign up with that link and check in for the first time if you sign up with your email address (click this link from a mobile phone, and it will take you right to the app store to download it for free).  Keep in mind, it changes often, so don't think it's going to be like this forever - but I'm getting all I can while it's like this!

-I received my first piece of handmade jewelry as a mom this week.

And I'm slightly obsessed.  Once again, you don't know how awesome these things are to a parent until you are one!

-I have a new favorite drink...blackberry & pineapple Splashes from Sonic.  They are so good and only 80 calories!  I've tried a couple of the other splashes and didn't really care for them (a little too bland), but this one is just right.

-I saw this morning where Nordstrom's having a clearance sale of up to 40% off...good time to get some of that Christmas shopping knocked out!  Here are a few of my current favorites from the sale.

-Speaking of good sales...another blogger was talking about a site called last week...I checked it out and quickly lost some money. :) They have a ton of Piko Shirts (basically my favorite piece of clothing ever) for around $20 each!  When I first loaded the site I got a code for a % off (I think it was 20%), but it wouldn't work for me...but be on the lookout, you might be able to find one!

-I've been waking up early for the past couple of weeks to get a workout in before Noah leaves for work, and have a little bit of "me time" before Emma Ramey wakes up.  I absolutely love it!  I am the most anti-morning person on earth, but once I'm up and going, it's really nice to have a little bit of time to check my email and drink my coffee without a toddler yelling at me.  I think I'm going to make a habit out of it!

-If you haven't watched the video of Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" synced to an 80's aerobic video, do it. Now. You won't regret it.  And try to look away, I dare you.

-My girl blowing bubbles this week. :)

And if you think you're seeing things in the picture on the right, you're not...her hair is red.  We had a few days of red hair after her Halloween makeup went a little too far.

-Don't forget - I have a giveaway going to win a prize pack of 16 LĂ„RABARs and RENOLA over here!  

I've also got a giveaway for a $100 Target GiftCard going here.  Lots of fun chances to win on the little ol' blog! :)

Happy Friday friends!